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Spoilers for the Week of December 03, 2012

12/03/2012 12:00am

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Week of December 3:

Monday December 3:

Caroline and Rick continue to discuss the idea of revealing the truth to Hope and Liam.

Brooke, shaken, tries to understand the ramifications of her dream.

Bill wants Liam to tell Caroline he dislikes Rick. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Bill and Liam.

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Tuesday December 4:

Steffy and Hope meet on business, but things get personal. Watch a B&B Spoiler Video of Hope and Steffy.

Caroline and Rick are shocked by Brooke's words.

Caroline decides she'll make Bill take responsibility for his misdeeds.

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Wednesday December 5:

Bill comes clean with his niece.

Brooke finds herself stuck between Caroline and Bill.

Hope opens up to Liam.

Brooke and Bill discuss their kiss. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Bill and Brooke.

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Thursday December 6:

Taylor tells Thomas he is now the majority shareholder at Forrester Creations.

Rick isn't happy when Thomas begins to showcase his power at work.

Hope thinks Caroline knows more than she's saying.

Friday December 7:

Eric and Rick put their heads together to figure out how to stop Thomas.

Liam reacts to what Caroline tells him about Hope.

Two people at Forrester receive an ultimatum from Thomas.

Week of December 10:

Stephanie's amended will causes pandemonium.

Caroline tells something to the wrong individual.

Thomas seeks legal counsel.

Eric thinks Rick and Thomas should compete.

Thomas is jealous of Rick being with Caroline and becomes determined to beat him.

Brooke and Taylor each think their son will prevail.

Eric and Brooke reminisce about Stephanie.

Brooke and Bill think back on their kiss.

Katie talks to Bill and Brooke about how she planned to push them together.

Taylor finds out about the kiss between Brooke and Bill.

Katie questions Taylor's motives.

Liam lets Hope know he's moved on.

Steffy is surprised to learn Hope still wants Liam.

The Logan sisters remember their mother.

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