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Spoilers for the Week of March 19, 2018

03/26/2018 12:00am

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The action in this week's B&B spoilers surrounds the reaction of Ridge's family after he's put behind bars for shooting Bill. While some try to convince Bill he's jumped to the wrong conclusion, suspicion may begin to fall on someone new. Meanwhile, Steffy continues to have difficulties with Hope being back in Liam's life, and the two clash.

In this week’s B&B blog, we talk Bill pinpointing Ridge as the shooter, which seems a little fishy, dish on Detective Sanchez, and bemoan the dreaded triangle.

Friday March 23:

In the B&B recap, Brooke grilled Bill in his hospital bed while Ridge was booked down at the police station, and Maya grew concerned about Pam. is thrilled to announce that the 45th Daytime Emmy Nominations are in. Check out the list of nominees to see if any of your favorites were nominated. Join us while we cover the event Sunday April 29 right here on the site and social media.

Week of March 26:

In the latest B&B Weekly Spoiler Video, Steffy demands the truth from Bill, and Quinn insists Ridge is innocent.

Monday March 26:

In Monday's B&B promo: Thorne thinks like the cops when it comes to Ridge's guilt, Liam wants Hope's advice, and Steffy believes Bill has suffered enough.

Detective Sanchez refuses to budge as Carter pleads on Ridge's behalf.

Hope urges Liam to do right by Steffy, despite her own feelings.

Casting news! Dancer, Nia Sioux, will play B&B's Emma, a new intern at Forrester Creations.

Tuesday March 27:

Brooke is determined to prove Ridge's innocence.

Steffy wants Liam's help in persuading Bill that Ridge didn't shoot him.

She’ll be missed! Courtney Hope confirms B&B exit, as Sally Spectra leaves the canvas for now. Hope shared a message for her fans.

Wednesday March 28:

Eric takes note of Quinn's response to Ridge's arrest.

Hope and Steffy clash over Liam.

Exclusive! Patrika Darbo confirms Spectra family's B&B exit as Shirley, Darlita, and Saul all say goodbye for now. Hopefully it's not the last we'll see of the Spectra gang!

Thursday March 29:

Detective Sanchez grills Quinn at Forrester Creations.

Brooke levels accusations at Bill about why he named Ridge as his shooter.

Since we can't vote on the Daytime Emmys, is bringing back our Sudzies Awards for you to participate in. Please vote in the 12th annual Sudzies Awards and share them on social media with your friends.

Friday March 30:

Thorne pays Ridge a visit in jail to reassure him of the family's support.

Steffy and Thorne are stunned when Ridge acts to protect Quinn.


Steffy secretly has doubts about Ridge's innocence.

Detective Sanchez continues to look at other suspects despite having arrested Ridge.

Steffy irks Hope by confronting her at the wrong time.

Coming up...

Liam presses Bill to make a decision.

Wyatt and Katie try to move ahead in their relationship.

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- Candace Young

03/19/2018 12:00am

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers March 19 - 23 image

The latest B&B spoilers show more drama ahead as Bill's loved ones and enemies find new reasons to be angry with him, Steffy becomes upset with Hope after a perceived betrayal, and Wyatt challenges Justin for control of his father's company, Spencer Publications.

Week of March 19:

In this week's Spoiler digest, offers, ultimatums, and suspects, we have spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

Catch all of the latest news for all the soaps as Y&R celebrates its 45th anniversary, Michelle Stafford does a beauty spot, and Bryan Datillo talks Days history.

Monday March 19:

In today’s B&B Recap, Detective Sanchez accuses Liam of shooting his own father, which doesn’t go over well.

In Monday’s B&B video, Liam’s determined to find Bill’s shooter while Caroline continues to rage at her uncle in the hospital, and Thomas stops by Forrester Creations.

Caroline expresses her anger toward her Uncle Bill.

Thomas opens up to Ridge.

In alum news, Adrienne Frantz and Rome Flynn have both signed on for exciting new television and movie projects with Lifetime and ABC.

His daytime role may have his character, Bill Spencer, laid up in a hospital bed after a shooting and due to some real-life injuries, Don Diamont has been eliminated from Dancing with the Stars Italy. Therefore, he won't be able to further compete in the dancing competition.

Tuesday March 20:

In Tuesday’s B&B recap, Wyatt’s questioned in Bill’s shooting after clashing with Justin, and Liam learns Bill proposed to his wife before he was shot.

Today, Ridge recounts Thomas’ reasons to hate Bill, as he worries his son might be guilty. Meanwhile, Liam reacts to accusations at the hospital.

Justin and Wyatt clash over Spencer Publications.

Steffy wants answers from Brooke.

Wednesday March 21:

In today’s B&B Recap, Bill awakens from his coma and answers in the affirmative when Det. Sanchez asks if he knows who shot him. Also, Liam and Ridge get angry with Bill.

In Wednesday’s B&B spoiler video, Hope gives Liam information about how she became aware of Bill’s proposal, while Wyatt issues a denial.

Liam learns from Hope that Bill proposed to Steffy.

Ridge's fury toward Bill grows. talked with B&B's Jeremy Ray Valdez a.k.a. Detective Sanchez about fatherhood, working in daytime, who he's connected with on set, and his many other artistic pursuits.

Thursday March 22:

In today’s B&B Recap, Ridge is arrested after Bill names him as his shooter, and Hope is confronted by Steffy, who questions her motives.

In a interview, Patrika Darbo talks B&B exit, what's she'd like to see during a Days return, the soap industry, and her three indie series.

An angry Liam realizes Bill's advice wasn't what it seemed.

Steffy demands Hope come clean about her intentions.

Thursday's spoiler video highlights Liam sharing a theory about Bill, and Ridge not feeling any type of remorse for his nemesis, Bill Spencer.

Friday March 23:

Happy anniversary to Bold and the Beautiful on 31 wonderful years!

In Friday's B&B spoiler video: Steffy confronts Hope about Liam, while Liam questions Bill's accusation against Ridge.

Hope works to convince Steffy that Bill is the one she should be angry with.

Liam's stunned by Bill's accusation regarding Ridge.


Brooke and Steffy square off after Steffy finds out her stepmother told Hope about Bill's proposal.

Steffy doesn't know who to trust and worries Hope will tell Liam about his father's actions.

Caroline becomes a suspect in Bill's shooting.

Coming up...

Brooke expects the Forresters to stand behind Ridge in a difficult time.

Liam feels drawn toward Hope as she advises him about Steffy.

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Photo credit: Howard Wise/JPI

- Candace Young