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Spoilers for the Week of April 17, 2017

04/17/2017 12:00am

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers April 17 - 21 image

Deconstructing B&B: Spectra scheme is steeped in heartbreak

Week of April 17:

Monday April 17:

B&B Recap: Brooke and RJ are rocked by the theft of their collection

B&B Spoiler Video: Thomas confronts a tearful Sally about her betrayal

Thomas feels devastated after the Spectra fashion show.

Coco reacts angrily upon learning her family used her to steal designs.

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Tuesday April 18:

B&B Recap: Shirley wants Sally to embrace life as a bottom-feeder

B&B Spoiler Video: Sally feels success came at too high a price

Sally feels terrible after her encounter with Thomas.

An emergency meeting is held at Forrester to deal with the matter of the theft.

Thomas and RJ are the targets of Steffy's anger.

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Wednesday April 19:

B&B Recap: It’s a day of intense confrontations for Sally

Coco and Sally square off.

Steffy expects RJ and Thomas to cut off contact with the Spectras.

Thursday April 20:

Quinn dodges landmines at home as Ridge and Katie visit

Brooke returns a valuable item to Bill.

Katie drops in on Quinn unannounced to collect on a promise she made.

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Friday April 21:

B&B Recap: Brooke’s bedroom proves to be full of surprises for Bill

B&B Spoiler Video: Ridge makes a declaration regarding Brooke

Brooke surprises Bill.

Ridge learns of Katie's scheme.

Coming up...

Brooke and Bill get engaged.

Eric and Ridge work frantically to come up with new designs.

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- Candace Young

04/24/2017 12:00am

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers April 24 - 28 image

Week of April 24:

Monday April 24:

Ridge works to replace the designs that were stolen by Spectra Fashions.

Katie and Quinn disagree about what position Katie should hold at Forrester.

Tuesday April 25:

Ridge and Steffy seek revenge on Spectra and call in Lt. Baker.

Coco weighs her options.

Wednesday April 26:

Sally is caught off-guard by Coco's response to her offer.

RJ is put in an uncomfortable position.

Thursday April 27:

Bill is grateful to have Brooke back, but still wonders why she ended things with Ridge.

Coco must choose between her family and RJ.

Friday April 28:

Thomas starts having second thoughts about Sally.

Sally faces the consequences of stealing Forrester Creations' designs.

May Sweeps from Soap Opera Digest:

Shirley shows her true Spectra colors when Coco tells her Sally's been arrested.

Sally and Thomas struggle to get beyond what happened.

Zende reveals to Nicole that he's been designing and turns to Ridge after Steffy and Thomas fail to react to his work as hoped.

Nicole and Zende talk about starting a family.

Liam starts digging to find out what led to Sally's desperation.

Brooke is moved by Ridge's declaration that he will fight for her even though she's engaged to be married to Bill.

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Photo credit: Howard Wise/JPI

- Candace Young