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Spoilers for the Week of August 22, 2016

08/22/2016 12:00am

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Soapbox! Relationships hang in the balance after Eric fast-tracks Quinn romance

Week of August 22:

B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Wyatt loses his temper over Quinn and Steffy’s feud

Monday August 22:

B&B Recap: Eric puts Ridge in his place, as Wyatt begs Steffy not to leave

Quinn faces a choice.

Brooke supports Ridge.

Wyatt learns that Steffy threatened to leave him.

B&B Spoiler Video: Quinn tattles to Eric about Steffy’s ultimatum

Tuesday August 23:

B&B Recap: Ridge lets loose on Eric and Quinn, as Steffy reacts to Wyatt’s pleas

B&B Spoiler Video: Wyatt is desperate to keep Steffy from walking out

Liam has an ally in Thomas.

Wyatt makes a move where his mother's concerned.

Spotlight on: Outrageous soap opera hookups viewers never saw coming

Wednesday August 24:

B&B Recap: Eric threatens to have Wyatt arrested as Ridge and Rick plot to unseat Eric as CEO

Ridge furiously confronts Eric and Quinn.

Thomas tries to set his new roommate up with a date.

Announcement: Tika Sumpter (OLTL) pregnant and Thomas Gibson (ATWT) fired

Thursday August 25:

Ridge and Brooke address the family on the issue of Quinn and Eric.

B&B Spoiler Video: Bill makes wedding plans before his divorce is final

Friday August 26:

Bill plans a special evening for Brooke.

Thomas spends the afternoon with Sasha.


Bill and Katie's divorce moves forward.

Coming up...

Ivy returns to L.A. and seeks her former job at Forrester Creations, where she decides to make nice with Quinn.

Bill will give Brooke his shares in Forrester Creations...once they are married.

Week of August 29:

Eric and Quinn deal with the upheaval her return to Forrester Creations has created with their family members.

Quinn helps someone out.

Quinn plots to divert Liam's attention from pursuing Steffy.

Fall Previews from Soap Opera Digest:

The Forrester family becomes divided and goes to war over the Eric/Quinn situation.

Eric declares Quinn to be the most important thing to him.

Ridge and Brooke bond over their concern about Eric. They are keeping a secret.

Quinn makes Ivy an offer she can't refuse.

Steffy reacts to Ivy returning and siding with Quinn at Forrester Creations.

Liam and Wyatt continue to vie for Steffy's heart.

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- Candace Young

Spoilers for the Week of August 15, 2016

08/15/2016 12:00am

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Soapbox! Eric’s defiance achieves the impossible as Rick teams up with Ridge

Week of August 15:

B&B Spoiler Video: The end of Steffy and Wyatt's marriage?

Monday August 15:

B&B Recap: Eric's family rage at his announcement and Sasha's grateful to Thomas

B&B Spoiler Video: Pam slams Eric for disrespecting Stephanie’s memory

Steffy reacts to hearing bad news.

Thomas is moved by Sasha's story.

Tuesday August 16:

B&B Recap: Eric kicks Ridge out and Sasha offers Thomas some fun

20 insane on-air soap opera feuds that still make us cringe

B&B Spoiler Video: Eric backs Quinn and the changes she's planned

Eric's decision regarding Quinn is unpopular with his family.

Wyatt and Liam disagree about Steffy.

Wednesday August 17:

B&B Recap: Eric wants Quinn to shack up with him, as Wyatt vows to get rid of her

B&B Spoiler Video: Steffy makes threats against Quinn

A happy couple agree on a new living arrangement.

Ridge talks to Brooke and Katie about his future.

Thursday August 18:

Wyatt makes demands of Quinn.

Liam receives an offer of support from Thomas.

Friday August 19:

Ridge plans to take back control of Forrester Creations.

Thomas talks to Sasha about Caroline and Douglas.

Week of August 22:

Liam has an ally in Thomas.

Ridge furiously confronts Eric and Quinn.

Bill and Katie's divorce moves forward.

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Photo credit: Howard Wise/JPI

- Candace Young