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Spoilers for the Week of September 26, 2016

09/26/2016 12:00am

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Deconstructing B&B! Return of Felicia and Thorne invigorates viewers

Week of September 26:

B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Eric lashes out at his family for their betrayal

Monday September 26:

B&B Recap: Eric’s bold decision and stunning wedding gift for Quinn. PHOTO GALLERY

B&B Spoiler Video: Quinn tells Eric it’s not going to happen

Eric goes through with his plan to marry Quinn.

Ridge's siblings begin to question the wisdom of the boycott.

Tuesday September 27:

B&B Recap: The Forresters squabble, and Eric shows up to confront them

B&B Spoiler Video: Eric demands to see those who ditched his wedding

Steffy and Wyatt disagree over Eric and Quinn's future.

The Forrester family learns their plan didn't have the desired result.

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Wednesday September 28:

B&B Recap: Eric suffers a sudden health crisis during family argument

B&B Spoiler Video: Ridge hollers back at Eric, who keeps lashing out

Eric confronts each of his family members about their betrayal.

Wyatt warms up to Quinn and Eric's relationship and softens toward his mother.

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Thursday September 29:

B&B Spoiler Video: Quinn frantically demands answers

Breaking: Soap creator, Agnes Nixon, passes away at 93

The Forresters play the blame game after Eric's crisis.

Ridge continues to feel the need to protect the family from Quinn.

Friday September 30:

Wyatt stands against the Forresters.

Steffy lashes out at Quinn.


Carter discovers Eric changed his medical proxy from Ridge to Quinn, but keeps it a secret at Ridge's request.

Ridge won't let Quinn near Eric and makes her leave the Forrester mansion.

Week of October 3:

The Forresters hold a vigil at Eric's bedside as they await his prognosis.

Caroline returns.

Wyatt takes an unexpected position in the battle between Quinn and Steffy.

Ivy takes another shot at getting back with Liam.

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Spoilers for the Week of September 19, 2016

09/19/2016 12:00am

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers September 19 - 23 image

Week of September 19:

B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: The Forresters vow Quinn will never join the family

Last week’s B&B highlights: A son returns and a family faces backlash

Monday September 19:

B&B Recap: Bill learns Brooke’s decision following RJ’s protest

B&B Spoiler Video: RJ packs Brooke’s bags for a guilt trip

Steffy and Thomas worry about RJ interfering in the plan to get Bill's shares.

Eric makes a move with Quinn.

Tuesday September 20:

B&B Recap: Eric and Quinn stun Ridge with a shocking email

B&B Spoiler Video: Eric’s prepared to write off his entire family

Brooke has news for RJ.

Ridge gets an unexpected email from Eric.

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Wednesday September 21:

Quinn wants Wyatt's support.

Eric's family confronts him about his plan.

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Thursday September 22:

B&B Recap: Felicia wants to know why Daddy’s marrying a crazy person

Quinn tries to get Steffy to change her mind.

Carter has a delivery for Eric that comes from Ridge.

Friday September 23:

B&B Recap: Eric and Quinn must face a harsh reality

B&B Spoiler Video: Tensions rise as Eric and Quinn's wedding draws near

Ridge's family members resist his plan.

Eric and Quinn have to face an unexpected reality.

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A family disagreement turns into a war.

The Forresters, including Felicia and Thorne, plan to boycott Eric's wedding to Quinn.

Ridge confronts Eric to try and persuade him not to marry Quinn.

Quinn makes a heartfelt appeal to the family that falls on deaf ears.

Steffy and Quinn face-off.

Eric and Quinn's wedding, to be officiated by Reverend Murphy, is set to begin at the Forrester mansion beneath Stephanie's portrait.

Quinn is devastated when no one attends her wedding.

Eric marries Quinn.

Eric calls a family meeting during which he gets upset and winds up being rushed to the hospital.

Wyatt has a change of heart toward his mother after Eric's crisis.

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A location shoot? Perhaps Brooke and Bill will actually get married?

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