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Spoilers for the Week of April 25, 2016

05/02/2016 12:00am

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers May 2 - 6 image

Awards! 2016 Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards winners

Soapbox! Deconstructing B&B: Raw emotional confrontations make for riveting drama

Week of May 2:

B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Nicoel insists Julius face up to his secret

Monday May 2:

Nicole demands the truth from Sasha.

B&B Spoiler Video: Sasha doesn’t want to lose Nicole

Zende makes an admission to Rick regarding his love life.

Tuesday May 3:

Sasha talks to Zende about her childhood and expresses concern about her future.

Julius goes on the defensive when he faces accusations.

Wednesday May 4:

Julius tries to compromise with Sasha.

Katie questions Ridge about Dr. Wolin's accident.

Thursday May 5:

Nicole makes Julius divulge his past.

Katie presses Ridge for more answers after he gives her new information.

Friday May 6:

Caroline regrets talking to Katie.

Deacon learns Quinn is still hung up on Liam.


Deacon struggles with his feelings for Quinn.

Caroline’s chat with Katie comes back to haunt her.

Katie thinks Caroline cheated on Ridge.

Ridge lies to Katie that they used a sperm donor.

Nicole worries that the stress of Sasha’s confession will affect the baby.

Vivienne and Nicole confront Julius about his past.

Sasha and Nicole grow closer

SOD May Sweeps:

Quinn looks to Steffy for help with Liam.

Ridge worries about Rick making a move at Forrester Creations if the truth about Douglas is exposed.

Thomas learns Douglas is his son in a surprising way.

The Avants and Forresters come together for the birth of Maya and Rick's baby.

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- Candace Young

04/28/2016 11:01am

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers Apr. 25 - 29 image

Week of April 25:

Monday April 25:

B&B Recap: Bill summons someone unexpected to Spencer Publications

B&B Spoiler Video: Liam wants Quinn to pay

Ridge and Katie discuss Dr. Wolin.

Tuesday April 26:

B&B Recap: Liam works to win Steffy back, but is stunned by a new development

Bill searches for Quinn.

Liam works to win Steffy back.

Wednesday April 27:

B&B Recap: Liam is shocked to find Quinn at his door

B&B Spoiler Video: Quinn shows up on Liam’s doorstep

CBS renews The Bold and the Beautiful

Quinn makes a stunning decision.

Where are they now? Ricky Paull Goldin's (ex-Jesse) reality series Save our Shed

Thursday April 28:

B&B Recap: Liam reacts to Quinn’s tearful plea for another chance

B&B Spoiler Video: Quinn pours her heart out to Liam.

Liam faces off with Quinn.

Steffy and Wyatt both turn to their fathers seeking advice.

Fan picked! B&B Sudzies Winners

Friday April 29:

B&B Recap: Sasha is pushed to the breaking point

Primetime! Grey's Anatomy Recap: Callie and Arizona try to get their friends to choose sides

Teaser! did a Facebook Live with Heather Tom (Katie) on the set of "Bold and the Beautiful" Thursday April 28, and we dished with her about Katie's drinking, the love triangle, and she let something slip... Take a look!

Nicole hopes for a future with Zende.

Sasha is furious when Julius rejects her attempt at affection.

B&B Spoiler Video: Sasha is furious at Julius’ rejection

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- Candace Young

Spoilers for the Week of April 18, 2016

04/18/2016 12:00am

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers Apr. 18 - 22 image

Week of April 18:

Monday April 18:

B&B Recap: Katie accuses Bill and Brooke of driving her to drink

Katie lashes out at Bill and Brooke. Watch a B&B spoiler video of Bill, Katie, and Brooke

Ridge and Caroline's problem with Dr. Wolin is resolved in an unexpected way.

Tuesday April 19:

B&B Recap: Zende and Sasha face confrontations about their relationship

B&B Spoiler Video: Maya confronts Zende

Liam proposes to Steffy.

Zende and Sasha are each questioned about their relationship.

Wednesday April 20:

B&B Recap: Liam refuses to give up on Steffy

B&B Spoiler Video: Liam tells Steffy she can’t stay married to his brother

Steffy is forced to tell Liam she is married to Wyatt.

Zende confronts Sasha about what she said to Nicole.

Sasha is taken off guard when Zende clarifies how he feels about her.

Thursday April 21:

Liam goes back to work at Forrester Creations.

Katie wants to speak to Brooke alone.

Friday April 22:

Liam is determined to get his life back from Wyatt.

Ridge becomes defensive when Katie tells him about her conversation with his former urologist.


Vivienne confronts Sasha in a caring manner to try to get her to consider Nicole's feelings with regard to Zende.

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- Candace Young