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Spoilers for the Week of September 18, 2017

09/25/2017 6:48am

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers September 25 - 29 image

Deconstructing B&B: Allegiances abruptly shift for musical partners

B&B Recap: Wyatt goes ballistic on Liam when he refuses to give him answers

Week of September 25:

Monday September 25:

B&B Spoiler Video: Bill refuses Brooke’s request

Eric shares a close moment with Ridge.

Brooke forces Bill to come to a realization.

Tuesday September 26:

Bill puts Liam on the spot.

Brooke opens up to Katie about her split with Bill.

Kym Douglas, wife of former Y&R actor, makes an appearance.

Wednesday September 27:

Steffy works to find common ground between Liam and Bill.

Sally receives another gift from Liam.

Thursday September 28:

Wyatt confronts Liam about blackmailing their father.

Bill learns Steffy is still supporting him after all he's lost.

Friday September 29:

Ridge works to cheer Brooke up.

Wyatt cautions Liam about Bill's thirst for revenge.


Rick, Maya, and Katie comfort Brooke.

Ridge and Eric make progress in restoring their relationship.

Bill is disappointed in Brooke's decision to leave the marriage.

Bill, at rock bottom, determines that someone will pay.

Coming up...

Sheila lands a job that puts her closer to Eric.

Katie and Wyatt's relationship comes out into the open.

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- Candace Young

09/18/2017 12:00am

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers September 18 - 22 image

Deconstructing B&B: Dollar Bill fallout is laden with possibilities

B&B Recap: Disgusted and scandalized, Brooke threatens to walk out on Bill

Week of September 18:

B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Brooke loses her mind over Bill’s behavior

Monday September 18:

B&B Recap: Charlie sends Quinn to Sheila’s hotel and a catfight breaks out

B&B Spoiler Video: Sheila informs Charlie they’re taking Quinn down

Steffy works to convince Liam to back off of blackmailing his father.

Quinn and Sheila have another catfight.

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Tuesday September 19:

B&B Recap: Wyatt leaves Liam with a warning as the brothers square off

Ridge learns of Brooke and Bill's new circumstances.

Wyatt remains upset and mystified as to why Bill chose Liam to run the company.

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Wednesday September 20:

B&B Recap: After visiting Brooke, Steffy walks in on something unexpected

Liam implements significant changes at Spencer Publications.

B&B Spoiler Video: Sally reveals she has a new business partner

Steffy makes a stunning request of Brooke.

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Thursday September 21:

B&B Recap: Justin dreads Bill’s reaction when he discovers what Liam has done

Steffy confronts Sally after learning she was given the Spectra building by Liam.

B&B Spoiler Video: Steffy questions Liam after finding him with Sally

Ridge provokes Bill.

Friday September 22:

B&B recap: Wyatt goes ballistic on Liam

Wyatt wants to know why Liam helped Sally.

Bill seeks forgiveness from Brooke.


Ridge wants another chance with Brooke.

Brooke worries Ridge hasn't gotten Quinn out of his system yet.

Wyatt confronts Liam.

Coming up...

Ridge and Eric move toward healing their rift.

Liam makes drastic changes at Bill's company.

Coming up in October:

Sheila schemes to have the new Forrester estate manager, Mateo, seduce Quinn.

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Photo credit: Howard Wise/JPI

- Candace Young