Deconstructing B&B: Fans revel in evil Sheila and drunk Deacon returns

June 12 - 16

Deconstructing B&B: Fans revel in evil Sheila and drunk Deacon returns image

This week on "B&B" it was all about delighting in the return of Sheila and the speculation surrounding Quinn's shooter, until another familiar face showed up unexpectedly - Deacon 'Sharpeshooter' Sharpe. Love, love, love it when a soap can shock and surprise me - it has so much more impact than when you know it's coming because of spoilers and leaks! Thoughts:

Making amends.
In the last Deconstructing B&B, Sheila's surprise appearance was the cliffhanger of the year, and so it was with great excitement that viewers tuned in on Monday to find out what the infamous villainess had been up to, and to bask in the reactions of various characters as word spread that Sheila was back in town. Eric's gruff, no-nonsense, 'lock her up' attitude was so entertaining to watch as he dealt with his psychotic ex-wife and we got to see numerous flashbacks to Sheila's more chilling moments. It will be interesting to see if Eric will get sucked into Sheila's 'redemption tour' routine once he learns she was telling the truth about not shooting at Quinn (unless she shot at Quinn the first time and Deacon the second time). Why didn't they do a gunshot residue test on her as they did Katie? Hmm. Fans reacted to Sheila's return:

The smell of merit badge.
Amid the chaos of Quinn's life being threatened, Brooke and Bill returned from their honeymoon all loved up and went back to their respective jobs. Both also learned of Sheila's return. Bill's reaction was particularly hilarious as he upset a frazzled Wyatt even more with his observations. That was after he complained about a donation to a hospital that had the smell of 'merit badge' all over it. Hehe, I really love to see these father and son scenes, which are quick-paced, and laden with zippy one-liners and sarcasm. So good! Imagine the scenes in this office if Wyatt and Katie paired up. The reactions would be epic.

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Derelict Deacon.
Originally, I had predicted Deacon was the one shooting at Quinn, but alas, Sheila was the perfect red herring. Just when everyone presumed she was the guilty party, Quinn was targeted again...and lo and behold a scruffy, drunk-y Deacon Sharpe showed up at the door. Amazing! Deacon on a bender with nothing to lose makes for downright delicious viewing. Thanks to Katie's telescope habit and Ridge's close proximity, Deacon was foiled, and we were left to speculate about Quinn getting swoon-y over Ridge saving her life (this is typically a catalyst for declaring love on "B&B"), and the bickering between Quinn and Deacon about which of the exes is the worst attempted murderer. Excellent!

Friday notes.
Quinn and Deacon's exchange in the Forrester living room was hilarious. I hope that's not the last we see of him... What will Eric do about Sheila? It could be that he'll feel bad about wrongfully accusing her and tell Baker to let her go. Yipe... Wow, Quinn confessed her love to Ridge. Not that we didn't know they'd fallen for each other, but acknowledging it out loud is huge and will change things between them. Interesting move.

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- Candace Young

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