Deconstructing B&B: Anticipation builds for weddings, drama Down Under

March 13 - 15

Deconstructing B&B: Anticipation builds for weddings, drama Down Under image

This week brought a busy few episodes on “B&B” as they built to the upcoming Liam/Steffy, Ridge/Brooke weddings and drama in Australia set to take place following the B&B pre-emptions for CBS March Madness NCAA Basketball coverage. Thoughts:

Thou dost protest too much.
As noted in the last Deconstructing B&B, it was a bit much for Brooke to be utterly scandalized by Katie’s accusation regarding Quinn and Ridge having an affair. In Monday’s episode, Brooke doubled-down on that outrage and Katie was left just as shocked as viewers at Logan’s determination to stick her head in the sand. What world is Brooke living in to say that Ridge nor Quinn would never do such a thing? Perhaps it’s a case of protesting too much! Surely, she’s going to get hit square in the face with the truth sometime soon; many assume it will happen in Australia as Quinn and Ridge can’t seem to stop exchanging looks and touches, Katie’s radar is on high alert, and Ivy, who knows they kissed, is also in attendance.

Wedding fever.
Steffy and Liam are really enjoying the lead up to their wedding and it’s contagious. Here’s hoping they actually tie the knot and stay married for a while as they have both been involved in enough triangle action to last a lifetime…well, not a lifetime on “B&B,” but yeah…we don’t want to see that again for a long time.

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Invitation accepted.
Sally and Thomas really have amazing chemistry, and despite my lingering issues with Caroline and Douglas being basically swept under the rug, I love that Sally will be going to the wedding, even if it’s on the bizarre premise that she will just casually ‘show up’ in Sydney, Australia. The plan had poor Saul absolutely sideways, as he clearly has, ahem, designs on Sally himself. In any case, it’s all building to more fun and drama Down Under as Steffy will certainly not be happy to see Sally as her brother’s guest!

Oh wow, poor Sally sandwiched between that awful Kieran and Matt (Monica Horan and Jim O’Heir) couple! I actually cringed when he put his sweaty neck pillow on her, hehe. Ew! Too funny! Meanwhile on the Forrester flight, there was lots of delicious food and interesting snippets of conversation. The look on Katie's face when she saw Ridge rubbing his thumb on Quinn's wrist, while Quinn looked at him like she wanted to eat him for breakfast, was priceless!

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- Candace Young

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