Deconstructing B&B: Delicious tension builds with spying and suspicion

March 6 - 10

Deconstructing B&B: Delicious tension builds with spying and suspicion image

This week continued to build anticipation for Ridge and Quinn's exposure, the outcome of Spectra's attempt at spying on Forrester, and Liam and Steffy’s upcoming wedding in Australia. Thoughts:

Spectra vs Forrester.
As Steffy was warning Thomas in a very foreshadow-y way that he would be held responsible if anything went wrong involving Coco, the young Spectra girl was saving RJ’s life and getting a reprieve from his grumpy old dad. RJ then kissed her, which was cute, but man there is something about that RJ kid that bugs me – when he bragged to Thomas that he gave their father no choice but to keep Coco on at Forrester I just wanted to pop him! Hehe. On the flipside of this coin, we will probably end up rooting for them, and definitely poor Coco, who is unknowingly being set up to spy on Forrester by her desperate, shifty family members. I actually love the way this is being played out, as Sally is going along with it, but very grudgingly and bearing a significant amount of guilt that she will still be relatable after the ‘ish’ hits the fan. Viewers reacted to Sally going along with the scheme:

Plans and pressure.
Ridge and Brooke announced their plans to elope in Australia to RJ, who was thrilled and not at all concerned about being left out of the proceedings, despite having been obsessed with this very thing for the better part of a year. All you can do is laugh – perhaps it’s the Coco factor making him so easygoing, or maybe he’s just happy that it’s finally getting done and he’s getting what he wants. Brooke and Ridge involved Katie, another oddity given her history with Ridge and the sisters’ epic clashes over Bill. In any case, this put Katie at Forrester just in time to get an eyeful of another close moment between Ridge and Quinn. Let’s not forget, she already saw him spinning his stepmother around in Eric’s living room previously, so this only compounds her suspicions. With Ivy still sniffy about the kiss she saw, and Charlie playing Sherlock Holmes with regard to the lipstick on the napkin, things are getting dicey indeed. How fun would it be if these three compared notes! As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, speculation continues to increase about how Ridge and Quinn will be exposed. I’m guessing it will happen in Australia!

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Friday notes.
Wow! After months of Bill reminding Brooke that Ridge always ends up attracted to another woman and hurts her, not to mention her actual history with Ridge, perhaps she should have been a little less shocked and appalled by what Katie told her she saw, and a lot more concerned and angry. It was a bit much for her to be utterly scandalized by the idea of Ridge canoodling with another woman at this stage of the game. Love the way Quinn gives off that air of a menacing cornered animal when she feels threatened - look out Katie! Liam and Steffy's wedding shower, with the people who can't travel to Australia, was a nice surprise, and they had a fun vibe as a couple. Can't wait for 'Down Under'!

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- Candace Young

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