Stephanie Visits Her Mom

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Stephanie and Eric visit her mother, and Thorne offers Hector his beach house!

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On the plane, Eric and Stephanie look out the plane window at the lights of Chicago. Eric asks Stephanie if she is nervous about seeing her mother, and when she says yes, he tells her that she has every right to be.

Stephanie thinks back to a time when her mother, her sister played Monopoly. It was a fond memory, and Stephanie tells Eric that her mother was good to her, and gave her a good childhood, "Not all of it was bad!" As they start to land, Eric picks up his phone to book them a hotel. Stephanie stops him, and tells him she wants to get this done, and go home. He tries to convince her to stay the night and she tells him, "I want to get this over with, and high tail it out of town. I want to get this over with as quickly as possible!"

Thorne and Taylor make out at home. Thorne tells her that he is happy that he can finally have her in his arms. Thorne stops for a minute, and tells Taylor he's worried about his mom. Taylor tells Thorne that Stephanie and Eric are on the way to Chicago to confront some issues.

Taylor starts to tell Thorne why his mother is really going to Chicago, when Hector comes in. When Thorne asks Hector to leave, Hector tells them both that he's leaving, because there is only room for one man who is crazy about the lady of the house. When they ask where he's going, Hector tells them he plans on moving back into the firehouse until he finds an apartment. Getting an idea, Thorne asks Hector "Do you have a problem living in Malibu, for free?"

Hector tells Thorne that he can find his own place, and isn't homeless. Thorne tells him that he would actually be doing him a favor, and if the house is vacant, then people will break into it, so he's going to have to hire someone if Hector turns him down. Hector accepts, and tells them both "People like you make the world a better place!"

Later Taylor and Thorne make out on the couch, and Taylor tells Thorne how impressed she is with him. Taylor tells Thorne, "I love you for being such a real person!" Before they go upstairs, Taylor tells Thorne that his mother went to go see his grandmother, and she's not dead. Thorne questions Taylor, an asks her "Why would she do that?"

At home, Ann asks Pam if she's seen her favorite album. Pam points out the record, which is still sitting on the player. Ann asks Pam if thinks Stephanie is coming because she doesn't think she has much time left. Ann puts on the record, and begins to sing along with it.

Stephanie knocks on the door, and Pam answers. Ann happily greets her saying, "Stephanie! I'm so happy you're here! We have some chocolate angel cake, and tea!" She goes on to say, "We would have served you dinner, but dinner was a six 'clock, as it's always been!"

They all sit down, and Pam goes and gets Eric and Stephanie tea. Stephanie tells her that she likes the new apartment, Ann responds, "I've been here 25 years!" When Stephanie smells her father's tobacco, Ann shows Stephanie a humidor she keeps with Stephanie's father's tobacco. She takes a big whiff of it, and tells them that it's comforting to her. She offers the box to Stephanie, and she declines. Ann starts to reminisce, and asks Stephanie why she hasn't received cards or photo's from her grandchildren over the past 30 years. Stephanie responds by telling her, "I told them you were dead!"

Faced with a confrontation, Ann tells Stephanie that she's tired, and thanks her for visiting. She tries to usher Eric and Stephanie out, but Eric stops her and tells her she is going to listen to what Stephanie has to say, whether she likes it or not!

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