Next Week It Is.

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Whip pops the question, Agnes reassures Nick, and Oliver spies Owen and Bridget.

Next Week It Is. image

Whip and Taylor come home happy and in love. Taylor tells him Ridge became a habit and she always expected him to be there, but now she feels free of him for the first time. Taylor wonders if she passed Whip's test and when he says yes, she asks what she gets. He pulls out a ring box and says, "How about this?" She opens the box and then Whip gets down on one knee. He asks her to marry him and she says yes. They kiss and then Whip puts the ring on her finger. He hopes she doesn't mind, but he's not into long engagements. She offers, "How about next week," and he says, "Next week it is."


Still at Café Russe, Brooke and Ridge enjoy dessert and marvel over the evening's events. They bring up the 'Man and Horse' bit and he tells her he owes that horse. Brooke wonders if it hurt him a little bit that he's no longer the object of Taylor's desire. Brooke and Ridge close the place down and the Maitre d' picks up their check as a thank you for their patronage. He asks that they enjoy one last dance before they close the doors for good. Ridge and Brooke oblige him as he sits at the bar and watches.


At Jackie M, Bridget and Nick kiss but then she tells him Agnes still has a thing for him. Nick wants her to let it go and to trust him as much as he trusts her. She says she trusts him, but Nick thinks she still has doubts. He says nothing will happen between them because Aggie has learned all her lessons from Bridget about loyalty. Nick tells his wife she represents everything that is good to him and then leaves.


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Owen comes by the office and Bridget says she's struggling trying to pretend like she never cheated on her husband. Owen implores her to keep the secret citing it's the best thing for everyone, as Oliver secretly observes from the doorway.

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