Sally Pleads With Liam Not to Confess Their Kiss to Steffy

Candace Young

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Thursday November 9, 2017: Steffy wants Liam to cut ties with Sally, Coco can never forgive Bill, and Bill wishes Brooke was more like Steffy.

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At home, Steffy is emotional and wonders if Liam’s really okay. Talk turns to the lengths he’s gone over his ‘obsession’ with Sally Spectra. Steffy pleads, “I almost lost you!’ They discuss his estrangement from Bill. Liam wants no part of his father if it means compromising his principles. Steffy shrugs that he doesn’t trust his father, but she doesn’t trust Sally. She understands that Liam’s been a good friend, but he needs to cut ties with Sally Spectra. “You need to kiss her goodbye.” Liam suddenly says he has to go.

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At Coco’s place, she reflects on almost having lost Sally – she’ll never forgive Bill Spencer for that. Coco wonders if they should adopt a pet from the local shelter - another cause championed by Liam. Sally admits she told Liam how she felt when they were trapped and she was afraid she’d never see Coco or Grams again.Liam-have-to-be-honest-kiss-BB-CBS Liam arrives, and Coco thanks him for all he’s done before stepping out. Sally presumes Liam came because of the kiss, and tells him ‘it never happened’. Liam tries to reassure her; he’s sorry he couldn’t stop the demolition. Sally alludes to possibly leaving L.A. and promises to keep her mouth shut, but Liam feels that Steffy should know about the kiss – he has to be honest with his wife. He insists he’ll make it clear it was a ‘life or death’ thing, but Sally argues against it and pleads, “Do not tell Steffy.”

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Bill-nothing-good-Liam-Sally-BB-CBSIn Bill’s office, Wyatt tells his dad that Liam was in the shower when he called this morning, so he only spoke to Steffy. He asks about Brooke, and Bill reports that she’s written him off. “And Liam, he’s done with me too.” Wyatt gets up to speed on what happened at the hospital and Bill complains that Sally has a hold on his brother. He moans about how insufferable she’ll be now. Bill remarks on Wyatt’s loyalty when Liam’s turned his back on the company. He predicts no good will come from his son’s continued association with Sally.

Steffy stops by Bill’s house, where he assures her he’s fine and dandy as he pours a scotch and looks at Liam’s photo. Steffy won’t give up on reconciling them. Bill reveals what happened with Brooke – they’re through. He drops his wedding band on a table and wishes Brooke could have been more understanding…like her. Steffy just wants peace in the family and goes on about the difference among the Spencer man. She admires Liam’s commitment, especially to their marriage.

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