Liam turns the worst day of Sally’s life into the best

Candace Young

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Wednesday September 13, 2017: Ridge wants Brooke to leave Bill, Steffy urges Bill to take action, and Thomas’ call leaves Sally on rock bottom.

Liam turns the worst day of Sally’s life into the best image

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At Brooke and Bill’s place, Steffy vows to do whatever she can to keep the Spencer family from falling apart, and complains Bill should have known there would be repercussions from committing arson.Steffy-Bill-discuss-controversy-BB-JJ They rehash the stance Liam took against Bill, and talk turns to Sally. Bill wonders if the dippy redhead won her over too. Steffy points out Bill took something from Sally he had no right to take. As Bill swigs scotch, she advises him to start the healing process with Liam. Bill realizes he went too far, but so did Liam. He decides his son must have a ‘thing’ for Sally Spectra. Steffy, exasperated, wants to end this war, and urges Bill to try…or he’ll regret it.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge reflects on Sally Spectra being out of the fashion business and leaving town. Brooke reveals that Bill’s taken a leave of absence from Spencer Publications. Ridge marvels at the ‘control freak’ handing over control of his company. Brooke muses that he seems stressed. Ridge wonders if it’s guilt. He suggests Brooke leave Bill and come back to him. Brooke sighs, and reminds him he betrayed her. Ridge wants Brooke to forgive him as Eric has Quinn.

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CJ arrives at Spencer and notices Liam’s black eye. Liam brushes off his concern and remarks that he is now in charge. He has Bill and CJ’s original agreement and wishes to honor it. CJ gratefully thanks him, and leaves. Liam asks Alison to track down Sally’s cellphone number.

In the ruins of Spectra Fashions, Sally finds the burnt out portrait of her Aunt Sally and says, “I’m sorry.” Sally-hugs-Coco-ruins-BB-JJHer employees appear with a Fire Marshall, who reminds them they’re allowed in because the building is structurally sound. Sally gets a call from Thomas, who reports that Caroline is in remission. Sally asks if he’s coming home. Thomas says Caroline has a second chance, which means he has another chance to give Douglas a stable home. “My place is here.” Sally disconnects. Coco realizes what happened and is sorry. They embrace. Sally informs her staff there is nothing left for them there, and it’s time to leave the building. Suddenly, she gets a call from Liam, who wants to meet.

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Sally arrives at Spencer Publications feeling down and out. She shares the bad news about Thomas. “He’s gone too, just like Spectra.” Liam reveals that Spencer Holdings already purchased the building and property from CJ – and he’s giving it back to her. Sally’s in disbelief. Liam assures her he’s in charge, and it’s real. Sally stammers excitedly as Liam assures her she can take out a loan and rebuild, and no one needs to know but them. Sally hugs him – he’s an amazing man who took the worst day of her life and made it the best.

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