Wyatt storms off to confront Bill after meeting with Liam

Candace Young

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Tuesday September 9, 2017: Steffy watches Liam in action, Brooke is suspicious, and Bill issues an apology.

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Steffy arrives at Spencer Publications to see how it went with Liam and Bill. She gasps at her hubby’s black eye as Justin, Jarrett and Wyatt file in. Liam announces, “As of this morning, my father has resigned from Spencer Publications.” Wyatt is puzzled that he has taken a leave of absence due to stress – he thrives on stress. He objects to Liam’s talk of taking over as CEO and instituting a new business plan. Steffy suggests Wyatt take it up with Bill. Wyatt plans to do just that, and warns Liam not to get too comfortable. After Wyatt and Jarrett have left, Liam lets Justin know he doesn’t trust him, and warns he could have him arrested. Justin asks him to keep the recording to himself and keep signing his checks, and he’ll have his loyalty. Liam instructs him to grease the wheels for a smooth transition. Once alone, Steffy marvels at her husband’s handling of things, but cautions that Bill will hit back. Liam feels if he has her and the company, Bill’s thunderbolts can’t touch him.

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At home, Bill paces as he relives punching Liam. Brooke enters, and he declares he’s taken a leave of absence. Brooke cautiously accepts his explanation about spending time with her, but reminds him she’s still working.Brooke-watches-Bill-yell-Wyatt-BB-HW Brooke learns Liam will run Spencer, but she’s confused that he’s placed him in the CEO position, but doesn’t trust him. “Explain that to me.” Wyatt enters – he’d like an explanation as well. Wyatt’s in disbelief over Bill ‘taking a break’ and hollers about him putting Liam in charge instead of him. Bill intones that this is how it has to be and orders him out. Brooke walks Wyatt to the door, and Bill takes a call from Justin, who vows to keep him informed Liam’s every move. After, Brooke confronts Bill about dealing harshly with Wyatt. She notes his tension and suggests they take a trip, but Bill raises one red flag too many by saying they should go away indefinitely. Brooke knows there’s something he’s not telling her – she’ll let him fill her in when he’s ready. She leaves, and Steffy stops in to yell at Bill for hitting Liam. Bill contends Liam pushed him too hard. Steffy reveals that Liam still hopes he’ll be proud of him some day. Bill tears up as he tells Steffy he’s a bigger bastard that his father ever was. He grimaces. “I hit my son.” Steffy becomes emotional as he asks her to tell Liam he’s sorry. She assures him they’ll get through this and they embrace.

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Wyatt returns to Spencer, where Liam’s icing his eye. He reports that Bill was in an ‘ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies’ mood. Wyatt muses about Liam taking down their father and being stone cold. Liam counters that ruthlessness for the right reasons is okay.

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