Bill signs the company over to Liam, issues a threat and then clocks his son

Lori Wilson

Monday, September 11th, 2017

Monday September 11, 2017: Bill confronts Liam, while Katie and Wyatt ponder the future.

Bill signs the company over to Liam, issues a threat and then clocks his son image

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At home, Bill laments to Justin what Liam has done to him. Justin urges him to sign the company over to Liam or else they will both go to prison. When Justin asks what he's going to do, Bill storms out.

liam-in-bills-chair-spencer-bb-cbs-1At the office, Steffy understands where Liam is coming from, but worries he will destroy his relationship with Bill permanently. Is he willing to do that? Liam says his father needs to be reined in before someone gets killed. Bill enters the office after Steffy has left. He tells Liam, who is sitting behind the desk, that he looks like a kid in that chair. As they rehash things, Liam tells a frustrated Bill that he doesn't want to punish him; he wants to protect what his father has built. Bill calls his son self-righteous. Liam hands Bill the documents to sign naming Liam CEO, effective immediately. When Bill hesitates, Liam picks up the phone asking if he should call Lt. Baker. Bill scowls, as he reluctantly signs. Liam apologizes, but hopes to make him proud. Bill reminds him the only reason he is there is because he gave him everything. Bill may have signed the paper, but he's not resigning. It's a leave of absence. He warns Liam to enjoy the big boy chair while it lasts, because he will be back. Bill wants to leave Liam with one more thing to think about and lays him out with a punch. Bill towers over his son, warning him that he doesn't get even with those who betray him, he decimates them.

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wyatt-katie-bed-bb-cbsKatie and Wyatt revel in their happiness while still in bed. Katie can't believe she wasted so much time with those "old dudes." Wyatt is so much more fun. They jokingly speculate how people would react to them, especially Bill. Wyatt doesn’t want to alienate his father considering he might be the heir apparent. Katie thinks he'd be a great CEO and promises her lips are sealed about their unclear status. They're interrupted when Steffy comes to the front door. Katie leaves Wyatt to greet Steffy in the living room. Seeing Katie still in her robe, Steffy deduces she's with someone. She quickly tells Katie that something big is happening that will rock the fashion industry and as head of PR Katie should be prepared. After she leaves Katie to her afternoon fun, Katie returns to Wyatt to share the mysterious news. Wyatt asks Katie to give him first pass at the story to make him look good in Bill's eyes. Wyatt states Bill knows Liam isn't equipped to run the company.

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