Nicole learns it was Maya’s idea to send her husband to Paris

Candace Young

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Friday September 8, 2017: Zende makes a decision, Brooke is stunned by Bill’s strange behavior, and Steffy learns of Liam’s blackmail.

Nicole learns it was Maya’s idea to send her husband to Paris image

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At Spencer Publications, Liam replays his conversation with Bill in his mind.

At home, Bill fumes over Liam’s ultimatum. Brooke appears and Bill talks in riddles about having to make the rules and break the rules to get ahead in business. Brooke massages his tense shoulders and clucks that whatever this setback at work is, it can’t be that bad. She talks up his skyscraper and he abruptly pulls away. Talk turns to the Spectra fire. Brooke almost feels sorry for Sally, who was on the brink of success. Bill snaps that he doesn’t want to discuss that. Brooke questions his mood…and his drinking. Bill suddenly announces he’s thinking of taking time off to travel and may need to hand the company over to Liam. Brooke wonders what’s really going on here. Bill flashes to Liam recording his confession.

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In the design office at Forrester Creations, Steffy implores Sally to keep her designs, but she shrugs – she has no use for them. She observes they’re a lot alike, both toughies, only it paid off for Steffy. Sally is summoned by CJ. Steffy thanks her for the designs. Julius-Vivienne-Nicole-Zende-leaving-BB-HWIn the other office, Julius and Vivienne have joined the conversation about Zende and Nicole moving to Paris. Ridge reveals it was Maya’s idea. The senior Avants want to know how Nicole feels about it. She wonders about Maya’s reasons, and worries she’s still upset with her for not signing the adoption papers right away. Nicole would miss her family and friends, and wonders what Zende thinks. He’s much more enthusiastic, and believes it would be a great adventure. Ridge takes that as a ‘yes’ and everyone cheers. Maya feels Nicole won’t regret it. They embrace. Once alone, Zende and Nicole look forward to the future. He knows it will be hard to leave their families, but he believes it will be a time they won’t forget.

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Steffy arrives at Spencer, and Liam announces it’s the end of an era – tomorrow morning his father’s resignation will be on his desk. Steffy is certain Bill will never do it. Liam reveals he threatened to have him arrested. Somewhat appalled, Steffy reminds him they’re talking about his father. “Could you really send him to prison?” Liam feels Bill needs to pay a price, and he’s banking that Bill won’t push him. Steffy mutters; she’s never seen this side of Liam. Unconcerned, Liam reiterates that Bill has no choice but to accept what’s happening. He talks about the positive changes he’ll make at the company, and his wife’s impressed, but concerned about Bill and Liam’s relationship. Liam protests – he didn’t put this in motion, Bill did, and enough is enough.

At Il Giardino, CJ and Sally go over her dreams going up in flames due to a freak accident. CJ breaks the news he’s selling the building to Bill Spencer.

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