Bill is apoplectic as Liam follows through on his power play

Candace Young

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Thursday September 7, 2017: Maya and Rick take their idea to Ridge, Steffy receives a surprise visit from Sally, and Zende and Nicole get unexpected news.

Bill is apoplectic as Liam follows through on his power play image

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At Forrester Creations, Zende and Nicole enthuse about his design career. They’re all smiles and kisses as they imagine what it will be like when he designs for the spring line with her modeling. Nicole-Zende-happy-kiss-BB-CDIn the design office, Rick clarifies that for Maya, her request to move Zende to Paris is actually about shipping her sister overseas to keep her away from their daughter. Maya admits it. Rick agrees it could be a great opportunity for Zende, but they have to run it by Ridge, but warns Sasha is modeling in Paris. In another office, Steffy remarks to her father that Liam has a lot to lose - she hopes he won’t push his father too much. Ridge feels Liam should lower his expectations where Bill’s concerned or he’ll always be disappointed. Steffy exits as Maya and Rick enter and enthusiastically pitch Ridge the idea to send Zende and Nicole to Paris. Ridge wonders what he’s missing. Maya-Rick-request-Ridge-BB-CDRick and Maya babble about what a great fit they’d be over there. Ridge gets Zende and Nicole to join them and reveals an opportunity has come up. “How would you and Nicole like to move to Paris?” In the design office, Steffy receives a surprise visit from Sally, who’s come to say goodbye – she’s leaving, but has no idea where she’ll go. Sally wanted to apologize for the trouble she caused Steffy, and hands over her last designs as a peace offering. Steffy’s moved. Sally thinks in another lifetime they could have been friends.

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In Bill’s office, he scoffs that Liam doesn’t have it in him to call the police. Liam muses about how many years one would get for arson. Bill sneers about hearing ‘jail time’ from his own flesh and blood. Liam-lean-toward-Bill-BB-CDLiam shrugs that he can avoid it, and reveals he discovered another dirty trick he pulled – Spectra won the fashion showdown. Bill hollers, “They won! Woo! Are you happy?” In a more sinister tone, he informs Liam that he will not be blackmailed by his own son. Bill explains they can’t trace the fire back to him anyway, and complains that he only told Liam because he trusted him. Assuming Liam wants more transparency, Bill comes clean - he told Justin to hire someone to set fire to Spectra so he could build Spencer Towers. Liam plays back his father’s confession on his phone after emailing it to himself for safekeeping, and chirps, “Gotcha.” He tells Bill the criminal activity stops now. Bill approaches ominously – Liam has lost his mind if he thinks he’ll get away with this. Liam declares that Bill will step down and he will take over as CEO and protect whatever dignity the company has left. Bill glares apoplectically as Liam orders him to have a memo on his desk tomorrow at 9:00 AM - not 9:01 - that he is taking over as CEO, or he will call the police.

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