Maya makes a bold suggestion after witnessing Lizzie’s bond with Nicole

Candace Young

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Wednesday September 6, 2017: Liam wants to take over Spencer Publications, Zende gets a glowing review, and CJ is stunned by Bill’s offer.

Maya makes a bold suggestion after witnessing Lizzie’s bond with Nicole image

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At Forrester Creations, Liam goes on to Steffy that if he lets Bill get away with what he did, he’s no better than he is. Steffy doesn’t condone her father-in-law’s actions, but protests, “He’s your father.” Liam reflects that his father only understands the language of power and leverage; that’s what he has and he’s not afraid to use it.Liam-Steffy-power-BB-CD In another office, Ridge and Rick compliment Zende’s latest designs – he has a bright future in the business. Zende is excited, and thanks them for their encouragement and support. In the studio, Maya comes upon Nicole in a close moment with Lizzie, who calls her ‘Mama’. Nicole tells Lizzie she loves her too; she knows that’s what she’s trying to say. Maya joins them and makes a point of referring to Nicole as ‘Auntie’. Zende joins them and raves about his wonderful meeting with Ridge and Rick. Upstairs, Steffy joins Ridge and Rick, who exits to take a call. Steffy confides in Ridge that she’s worried about Liam’s relationship with his father. Ridge rants about being saddled with Spencer as a dad, and hopes Liam will stand up to him. In the design office, Maya fills Rick in on hearing their daughter call Nicole ‘Mama’ again. She didn’t want to overreact, but feels concerned about their attachment. They agree it could develop into a confusing situation for Lizzie. Maya recalls that there’s an opening in the Paris office, and suggests Nicole and Zende should spend some time there; Zende could replace Jean Luc and the young couple could focus on each other.

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CJ arrives at Spencer and joins a jubilant Bill and Justin in the office. He declares that he’s selling to Dollar Bill as promised. CJ takes the contract and is stunned to find it’s much lower than the original offer. Liam-CJ-Justin-Bills-office-BB-CDBill counters that CJ will take what he gives him…and be grateful for it. Garrison argues with Justin and Bill, who maintains that he’s not running a charity and plans to take advantage of CJ’s situation. Liam bursts in and says, “Don’t do it, CJ. Don’t take the offer.” Justin and CJ step out. Bill asks Liam what the hell he’s doing. Liam won’t let him profit on Sally’s tragedy and build on their property; he’ll do what it takes to stop him. Bill orders his son not to do or say anything to compromise his deal. Liam reiterates that he will do everything he can to stop him, and informs him he attacked a young girl’s company like a coward. Bill chuckles when Liam tells him to take a leave of absence…or he’ll go to the police. Bill fires him. Liam’s not going anywhere, and says, “We are entering a new era for Spencer, with me at the helm.”

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