Liam realizes he holds power over his father for the first time

Candace Young

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Tuesday September 5, 2017: Steffy questions if Liam could live with putting Bill in prison, Bill gets a call from CJ, and Sheila’s plan ends in frustration.

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At Spencer Publications, Bill concedes that he enacted a plan to reunite Caroline and Thomas, but protests against the allegations he started the fire. Justin appears and Bill welcomes him to the party. Justin informs him that Liam, as vice-president, will be running the company. Liam announces he is calling the shots, and will be for a long, long time. As Lt. Baker reads Bill his MIRANDA rights, Bill screams at Liam and reminds him he’s throwing away his right to be a Spencer. Liam intones, “There’s a new generation of Spencers now.” Bill’s dragged out hollering, “Liam! Liam!” Just then, Liam snaps back to reality, where it’s Steffy saying Liam’s name in her office at Forrester. She asks if he could actually go through with putting his father in jail. Thomas enters to say his goodbyes. Liam asks about Sally. Thomas relays that she knows he has to be with his son under the circumstances. Liam stops him from leaving. Steffy reminds her husband this is Thomas’ decision and ushers him out. Once alone, Steffy and Liam bicker. She warns if Thomas finds out about the lie, he’ll figure out the truth about the fire and Bill would go to prison- could he live with that? Liam struggles – all he knows is he has power over his father for the first time in his life.

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At Charlie’s desk in Forrester Creations, Sheila looks over his shoulder at the feed of the duo stuck in the elevator and implores Ridge to kiss Quinn. Quinn-Ridge-elevator-BB-HWIn the elevator, Quinn wonders why no one is answering the alarm. Back at the desk, Charlie is fed up, but Sheila warns through gritted teeth that she will decide when they get out. They watch as Ridge and Quinn chat. In the elevator, the pair discuss not losing their bond. Quinn tells Ridge she’ll make it her life mission to repair his relationship with Eric. At the security desk, Sheila narrows her eyes and observes, “Oh, she wants him so bad.” She’s frustrated when nothing happens between them. Charlie pushes the button to free them, and hisses at Sheila to be happy with the photos she’s got. She hides as Ridge strides into Charlie’s room to report the elevator issue. Charlie nervously opines that he thinks it was just bad timing for him and Quinn. Ridge replies, “Who said anything about Quinn?” Sheila, hiding, grimaces. Charlie covers and once Ridge is gone, Sheila advises him to get ready for his next assignment. They just have to show Eric who Quinn really is, and then she’ll be his wife again.

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At Spencer Publications, Caroline returns and worries to Bill that Liam will expose the lie. Bill growls that he had better not. Alison brings Douglas in, and informs Bill that CJ Garrison’s on the phone. Bill feigns indifference when he asks if he’s still interested in the property, telling him to set up a meeting through Alison.

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