Liam exposes Bill’s lie about Caroline and accuses him of arson

Candace Young

Monday, September 4th, 2017

Monday September 4, 2017: Liam feels he has nothing to lose, Quinn thanks Ridge for sticking up for her, and Sheila uses Charlie to enact a plot.

Liam exposes Bill’s lie about Caroline and accuses him of arson image

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At Spencer Publications, Steffy says to Liam, “You’re really doing this.” Liam insists the truth is always the right thing. Wyatt arrives, followed by Thomas and Caroline. Liam thanks them for taking a later flight. Bill arrives and asks Liam, “What’s this all about?” Sally enters. Thomas wonders why she’s there. Liam declares this is about Sally and Caroline and the lies his father tells. Sally-Thomas-Wyatt-Steffy-Liam-reveal-BB-HWHe informs Thomas that Caroline isn’t sick. “She’s not dying, Thomas. She never was.” Bill hollers for everyone to get out. Caroline sobs, and Thomas screams at Bill – he left his life for New York all because of his stupid tower when Sally needed him. He turns on Caroline, who cries that she hated it. Thomas apologizes to Sally, who insists it’s okay. Liam says it’s actually not. He has nothing to lose and announces there’s more before alluding to the fire. Wyatt exclaims, “That was an accident, wasn’t it?” Liam asks Bill, “Was it?” The others are appalled and urge Bill to deny it. There’s a knock at the door – Lt. Baker and the cops walk in. Liam tells him to arrest Bill for arson. Bill declares Liam is still suffering from his concussion and insists there’s no proof. The others weigh in on how desperately he wanted Spectra to fail. Liam lays into Bill about his representation of the Spencer name; he’s pathologically self-serving. He declares that while Bill’s in prison, he and Wyatt will rebuild the family name. Lt. Baker prepares to make the arrest and Bill implores Liam to tell them it isn’t true. “Please.”

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At Forrester Creation, Quinn tells Ridge she’d dodge bullets over seeing Sheila’s face ever again. Quinn-Ridge-thanks-BB-HWShe thanks him for sticking up for her the other day – the support meant a lot. Ridge is just glad Eric went home. Quinn urges Ridge not to give up on Brooke, even if she’s married to Bill. She’s living proof that things work out how they’re supposed to, and figures Bill will shoot himself in the foot eventually. Quinn is called away by Ivy, and Ridge joins her. Elsewhere, Charlie nearly chokes on his coffee when Sheila takes him by surprise. She informs the security guard that Quinn still has feelings for Ridge, and he is going to help her prove it. Charlie argues that even if Quinn has feelings, she’s keeping them in check. Sheila argues that Eric deserves better. They spot Ridge and Quinn together on the surveillance camera getting into the elevator. Sheila uses Charlie’s button to stop the elevator. She predicts they’ll betray Eric. In the elevator, Ridge and Quinn are frustrated; there’s no cell reception and no one answering the alarm. They settle in for the long haul and start chatting with their heads together. In the control room, Sheila threatens to tell Pammy everything if Charlie intervenes. She takes pictures and whispers, “Come on Ridge, kiss her like you have so many times before. It will be the kiss of death for her marriage.”

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