Caroline attacks Bill as she cracks under the pressure of the lie

Candace Young

Friday, September 1st, 2017

Friday September 1, 2017: Sally gets more disappointing news, Brooke defends Bill, and Bill issues a denial.

Caroline attacks Bill as she cracks under the pressure of the lie image

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In the hospital, Sally wants Thomas to tell her he is coming back. Thomas kisses her hand – he’s hated being away and has only been able to spend time with Caroline and Douglas in the little time they have left because of the way Sally loves him.Thomas-Sally-no-insurance-BB-CBS Talk turns to the fire and Sally tears up over the collection she worked so hard on. Thomas is stunned to learn that CJ has no insurance money to rebuild. Sally hopes he will stay and face this with her. Thomas replies that Caroline is dying – he has to be in New York with her and his son. Sally gets it, but she’s scared about the future. Thomas urges her to start rebuilding by sketching – that fire didn’t take away her passion or creativity. They kiss and hug through Sally’s tears. Thomas whispers, “I can’t stay.” Sally understands, and sobs once he leaves. After, she is forced to defend his departure to Shirley and Saul, but admits it hurts. Shirley holds her when she cries.

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Brooke-defends-ruthless-Bill-BB-CBSAt Forrester Creations, Brooke wonders why Liam said it’s not a sure thing that Bill will now get the Spectra building. “Do you know something I don’t?” Liam covers, and Brooke observes that Bill’s a good man, but when it comes to business he can be ruthless. Liam mutters, “That’s an understatement.” Brooke opines that it’s too bad Bill’s skyscraper will be built on Sally’s misfortune, but that’s not his fault. Once Brooke’s gone, Liam moans about how close he came to telling her the truth - he’s not sure he can live with this situation. Steffy wonders if he wants to put Bill in jail and ruin his relationship with his family members, possibly forever.

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In Bill’s office, Caroline tells Bill the lie is eating at her, and notes Thomas couldn’t get on a plane fast enough when he heard Sally was hurt. “I think that says a lot, don’t you?” She worries how Sally will bounce back. Bill doesn’t care as long as she doesn’t drag Mr. Knight-in-Shining Armor into it. Talk turns to CJ not having insurance. Caroline wonders if Bill knows more about the fire than he’s letting on. Caroline-Bill-raise-hand-BB-CBSBill feigns outrage and tries to change the topic. Caroline notes he still hasn’t issued a denial. Bill protests that the electrical wiring was bad and lies, “No. I didn’t torch Spectra. Satisfied?” He counsels Caroline to keep doing what she’s doing a little while longer. If she can’t, Thomas will be lost to her forever. Later, Thomas arrives and reports that Sally’s world is crashing in on her – he feels like she really needs him, but he won’t stay. Bill chortles that it’s the right decision. Thomas heads out with Douglas, and Caroline verbally attacks Bill – this lie isn’t her, and it’s about Bill helping himself. She yells and curses his skyscraper while raising her hand to ‘Sky’. Bill grabs her wrist and she storms out.

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