B&B Recap: Brooke’s bedroom proves to be full of surprises for Bill

Candace Young

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Friday April 21, 2017: Katie tells Eric his wife is keeping something from him, Ridge questions what Katie’s doing, and Brooke stuns her stallion after a romantic dinner.

B&B Recap: Brooke’s bedroom proves to be full of surprises for Bill image

At the Forrester mansion, Katie remarks to Eric on how long it’s taking Ridge and Quinn to get honey. Eric makes a crack about how much the Logan girls like their honey. In the kitchen, Quinn feels guilty that Ridge didn’t end up happy. Ridge assures her he and Brooke will get back together. Quinn touches his shoulder. They return to the living room, where Ridge reveals he spilled honey on himself. Katie eyes them suspiciously as she takes the honey from Quinn. She informs Eric that his wife is keeping something from him and then reveals Quinn made her a job offer. Quinn blurts that she was only thinking aloud about Katie working at Forrester, but Eric thinks it’s a great idea. Eric leaves for the office. Katie-Ridge-blackmail-BB-JJRidge demands to know what’s going on and learns Katie’s seeking a position at Forrester. He questions her intentions. Katie insists it’s not blackmail – more of an insurance policy – if they keep her happy she’ll keep their dirty little secret. Ridge protests again that there’s nothing going on between them and says he plans to get her sister back. Quinn leaves them alone and Katie muses that Ridge always sabotages himself. Ridge reiterates that Brooke’s the only woman in his life and he’ll get her back.

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At Brooke’s place, she and Bill make out in the kitchen. They eat sushi appetizers and joke. As the mood turns serious, Bill tells Brooke he would have waited for her forever. Brooke marvels that he was still there for her – she’s used to being let down. Bill never gave up on them – he knew they would end up together. Brooke muses that he knew Ridge would let her down, and when he did, Bill was there as promised. Bill says his promises mean something and talks about what it meant for her to put the sword necklace back around his neck and tell him she loved him. Brooke smiles. She does love him and he should never forget it. They kiss. After dinner, Bill is hot to trot, but Brooke makes him wait while she goes upstairs to get ready. He counts to 50… When Bill enters the bedroom with his eyes covered, he opens them to see Brooke dressed in a skimpy number made of cash. Bill growls that it’s two of his favorite things – her and money. Brooke-ring-Bill-BB-JJBrooke husks, “Are you ready to cash in, Dollar Bill?” He whispers, “Oh yeah.” They kiss until Brooke breaks away to reveal a wooden statue of a stallion. This is the life she wants – her stallion in his corral. Bill chuckles. He neighs as she purrs about rewarding his loyalty. Brooke wants to be his wife. She produces her engagement ring and proposes. Bill says there’s nothing he wants more. He places the ring back on her finger. They express their love and kiss.

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- Candace Young

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