B&B Recap: Quinn dodges landmines at home as Ridge and Katie visit

Candace Young

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Thursday April 20, 2017: Bill and Brooke reconnect, Carter weighs in on a possible lawsuit, and Eric demands answers from Ridge.

B&B Recap: Quinn dodges landmines at home as Ridge and Katie visit image

At Spencer Publications, Bill feels Brooke is exactly where she belongs. Bill asks why she didn’t marry Ridge. Brooke doesn’t want to divulge the details. Bill really just wants to be certain they’re done. Brooke confirms she doesn’t want to take that ride anymore. Brooke-Bill-kiss-office-BB-HWShe asks Bill how he knew where she was in Sydney. He says he didn’t, but feels it was a sign they were drawn to the same spot. Brooke apologizes – she got lost – but will never turn her back on Bill again. Bill muses that Brooke has changed him; made him realize that there is such a thing as ‘enough’, when he always wanted more. He throws her passionately onto the desk, but Brooke protests. She wants a proper reunion and asks him to come to her place later.

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In the Forrester mansion living room, Carter compares the Spectra designs to the Forrester designs. He’s willing to file a suit for Eric, but feels they’d be handing Spectra another win. Ridge enters and Eric updates him that Carter thinks a lawsuit wouldn’t succeed. He demands to know how this happened on Ridge’s watch. Ridge rails about the gang of thieves and Carter exits. Eric and Ridge holler about Sally and Coco. Eric thought Ridge could steer the ship and is disappointed. Ridge opines that it wasn’t personal on Sally’s part; they were desperate. Eric and Ridge decide they’ll get started on a new collection immediately. Eric then asks Ridge why he and Ridge didn’t get married. In the kitchen, Katie tells Quinn she’s looking to collect on her offer of a job at Forrester. Quinn says Eric is busy, so Katie chirps that she’ll wait and orders up some snacks. Quinn attempts to call Katie’s bluff – she’ll confess to Eric - but Katie warns that Eric will realize her connection with Ridge was more than just a few kisses since Brooke called off the wedding and he won’t forgive it. Katie plans to watch for any further transgressions as well. They adjourn to the living room where Eric is grilling Ridge on his cancelled wedding. When Eric asks Katie if she knows what happened, she says Ridge failed her sister…in the same way he has numerous times before. Eric decides that Ridge has issues with commitment and jumps on Katie’s suggestion to have tea. Ridge-Quinn-honey-BB-HWQuinn is dispatched to get honey. When Katie remarks on how long she’s taking, Eric sends Ridge to help. In the kitchen, Quinn complains about Katie to Ridge, who advises Quinn not to push her. She can’t lose Eric over something that isn’t real. Ridge recalls that she said she loved him in Australia. Quinn insists she didn’t mean it, but the intensity ratchets up when she spills honey on his shirt. She pleads that it can’t happen again. Ridge nods. “I got it.”

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- Candace Young

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