B&B Recap: It’s a day of intense confrontations for Sally

Candace Young

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Wednesday April 19, 2017: Bill is upset by Jarrett’s news but later gets a wonderful surprise, Sally struggles to explain her actions, and Thomas advises RJ.

B&B Recap: It’s a day of intense confrontations for Sally image

At Spencer Publications, Bill flashes to giving Brooke his sword necklace. Wyatt enters with Jarrett in tow. Wyatt-Jarrett-Bill-aftermath-BB-HWThe reporter reveals that Spectra Fashions ripped off the Forresters - Spectra Fashions isn’t going anywhere. Bill hollers, “My skyscraper, dammit!” Speculation ensues about how they did it. Bill figures Sally duped Thomas. He orders Jarrett to print a scathing review to minimize their chances of success. As he yells about his building, Wyatt senses this is actually about Brooke.

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy rails that the Spectras ruined their upcoming show; she warned RJ and Thomas about trusting the Spectras. Thomas agrees it was a massive mistake. Talk turns to salvaging the situation. Thomas-RJ-advise-Spectra-BB-HWSteffy feels they have to cut their losses and start over. They also won’t let Spectra get away with this. Steffy grabs her purse and storms out saying no one messes with her family. After, Thomas and RJ discuss the situation. Thomas makes it clear to RJ that Coco will never be allowed to stay there. RJ feels bad. Thomas shrugs. He advises RJ to stop seeing Coco, even though he’s inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt.

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Coco appears in Sally’s office and rants about her sister using her. Sally-Coco-confrontation-BB-HWSally protests that she cares about her. Coco laments her naiveté - she never thought her own sister would betray her like this. She understands now why Sally dumped Thomas…she felt guilty. Coco wonders if she even thought about her; she’s no longer welcome at Forrester even though RJ believed her. Sally feels it wouldn’t have lasted anyway, at least not for her and repeats what Shirley told her. She tearfully explains her desperation to Coco, and apologizes – she regrets hurting her the most. Later, Steffy arrives. She strolls in musing that because of the disgusting stunt Sally pulled, her brother sees her for who she is. Sally asks her to go easy on Coco. Steffy says she has been let go. Sally ruined everything, including her own relationship with a great guy. “Why would you resort to stealing?” Sally recounts her family history and insists she tried to stay legit, but Spencer Publications ruined that. She apologizes – she knows she disappointed Steffy, and Thomas. She hopes to one day earn their approval and maybe even be friends. Steffy fumes that she’s trash and informs her any association she had with her family is done.

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Brooke arrives at Spencer and Bill lightens up considerably. She thanks him for giving her space. Bill remarks on Ridge living up to his history. Brooke doesn’t want to discuss it, but confirms she hasn’t forgiven him. Bill asks why she’s there. Brooke returns his sword necklace. She’s taking back control of her life and will never take her ‘stallion’ for granted. Bill neighs and Brooke declares her love. They kiss.

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