B&B Recap: Shirley wants Sally to embrace life as a bottom-feeder

Candace Young

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Tuesday April 18, 2017: Coco comes clean to RJ, Thomas tells Steffy she was right, and Sally deeply regrets her actions.

B&B Recap: Shirley wants Sally to embrace life as a bottom-feeder image

At Forrester Creations, the family gathers over Spectra theft. Thomas informs Steffy she was right about Sally. They wonder what action to take and how it happened. Thomas describes going to the show and seeing the collection. Steffy wants to know what Sally had to say. Thomas says she was sorry and explains her dilemma – though he’s not making excuses for her. Ridge rails that they can’t let these clowns get away with it. Thomas admits he feels sick about it, and Steffy’s sorry he got hurt. They realize the Spectras must have had someone on the inside. Ridge says, “Coco.” Coco-faces-RJ-BB-HWIn the design office, RJ credits Coco with a job well done in stealing from his family and asks, “How could you do this?” Coco protests that she had no idea until she saw the show, and afterward, her grandmother admitted they were stolen. RJ asks, “How?” Coco reveals, “It was me, RJ.” She explains how her family set her up with the spy jewelry and apologizes. She’s about to leave when he stops her. RJ believes her. They embrace. Ridge storms in, followed by the rest of the family. Steffy and Ridge accuse Coco of being a thief.

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At Spectra Fashions, Shirley rants to Sally that they have tons of orders and Thomas would have dumped her anyway. Sally retorts that she’s wrong – Thomas told her he would have helped her had she asked. Shirley argues that they have security and staying power now. Sally wails that she doesn’t care. Shirley insists it’s her dream coming true, but Sally counters that she destroyed her dream…and Coco’s. They go back to arguing about Thomas. Sally says he loves her, but Shirley grimaces – she was never going to be more than a fling! Sally decides she won’t fill the orders and Shirley launches into a speech about doing Aunt Sally proud by creating a viable company. Sally argues they didn’t earn the success. Saul arrives, breathless. “The orders keep pouring in!” He notices Sally’s sadness. Sally declares that all of this money they’re about to make isn’t worth what it cost her or Coco. Sally learns that not only did Jarrett try to expose them, but also that Shirley told Coco how they used her. She didn’t want success this way and feels they’ve made Spectra a dirty word. Shirley suggests they are bottom-feeders and Sally should embrace it. Sally asks to be alone and looks agonized.

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RJ-Coco-face-Forresters-BB-HWAt Forrester, RJ is pleading Coco’s case to his family when her phone rings. She ignores Sally’s call. Coco is told to leave. RJ follows her to the elevator. Coco says they’re not meant to be and returns his corsage. Ridge watches as she sadly tells RJ she’ll never forget him.

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Steffy expects RJ and Thomas to cut off contact with the Spectras.

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