B&B Recap: Brooke and RJ are rocked by the theft of their collection

Candace Young

Monday, April 17th, 2017

Monday April 17, 2017: Jarrett realizes the truth, Coco is devastated by her family’s betrayal, and Sally pleads with Thomas for another chance.

B&B Recap: Brooke and RJ are rocked by the theft of their collection image

As the crowd cheers at the Spectra fashion show, Jarrett talks into his voice recorder. He says the designs are simply too good to be true and he suspects they came from Forrester. Sally and Thomas stare at one another. He turns to leave and Sally goes after him. Shirley quickly thanks the spectators as Coco confronts her – the designs are stolen! Coco-furious-BB-HWAs the girl demands to know how they managed the theft, Shirley turns and hisses, “You did it, Coco!” Coco protests that she had nothing to do with it and threatens to expose them to the press. Shirley reveals that there were hidden cameras in Coco’s necklace and brooch. “Everything you saw, we saw.” Coco is devastated, especially when Shirley confirms that Sally knew. Meanwhile, Saul fields the orders that are pouring in as Jarrett tries to question him about the origins of the collection. Jarrett argues with Saul and then loudly announces that the designs are pilfered, but the buyers continue to clamor. Saul goes to confer with Shirley, who frets that Coco ran off and may have gone to the Forresters.

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In Sally’s office, she catches up with Thomas, who angrily states the obvious – she stole his family’s designs; she stole from him! He rants that he thought she was a good person. Sally chokes up - she tried to be. Upset, Thomas wonders how she got the designs and asks for the truth. Sally only says she didn’t mean to hurt him. Thomas feels like a fool. Thomas understands that she was desperate and panicked, and tells her she should have asked for help. “I would have helped.” Sally assures him their relationship was real – Australia is where she fell in love with him. Thomas wonders how she could steal from someone she loves. They argue about whether he would have dumped her anyway. Thomas vows that he would have supported her; he loved her, but now he sees a thief. Sally cries that she panicked, and should have had more faith in them. She pleads for one more chance. Thomas is sorry, but he can’t.

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke assures RJ that Ridge will always be important to her and they will always be a family. She changes the subject to Coco. brooke-rj-forrester-bb-hwHe says she’s at the Spectra fashion show and wonders how it went. RJ divulges that he wanted to go, but the Spectras didn’t want him there. He goes on to say Coco has proved herself. Brooke muses that Spectras are tenacious. RJ opens the laptop to get an update on the show. Brooke and RJ gape at the screen in shock as he recognizes the Forrester designs. Brooke thinks it had to have been Coco and rushes off to tell Ridge. Shortly afterward, Coco appears in the doorway.

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