B&B Recap: Shirley issues a warning to Coco prior to the fashion show

Candace Young

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Thursday April 13, 2017: Bill makes CJ a new offer, Saul works himself into a panic, and Sally struggles with her situation.

B&B Recap: Shirley issues a warning to Coco prior to the fashion show image

The Spectra gang hustles behind-the-scenes of their fashion show. Sally delivers a pep talk and Saul spots Coco arrive. He worries about her seeing the designs. Coco approaches Sally, tells her how great the place looks, and says she was sorry to hear about her and Thomas breaking up. Saul and Darlita jump in to keep Coco from moving into the design area. She takes a call from RJ, who wants to come to the show, but Shirley and the others quickly nix the idea. Disappointed, Coco relays this to RJ and disconnects. Sally tells her she’ll understand before long. Nearby, Saul panics to Shirley about what will happen if Coco spots the designs – they have to keep her away.

RJ-sad-Thomas-BB-HWAt Forrester Creations, RJ tells Thomas he sent Coco a wrist corsage. Thomas smiles; she’ll love it. RJ’s sorry about Thomas and Sally splitting up. Thomas muses about her coming all the way to Australia, but guesses he got it wrong. He flashes to the good times.

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In Bill’s office, Wyatt grins as Bill makes CJ a new, much bigger offer – he wants that Spectra building. Jarrett-faces-Bill-BB-HWCJ reiterates that it all really depends on the fashion show. Jarrett reports in prior to attending the show. Wyatt wonders what if Jarrett likes the designs? Bill intones that he won’t. Bill tells Wyatt that Spectra should have folded after the first scathing review. Wyatt notes, “But they didn’t.” Jarrett warns Bill that Spectra may not tank today. Bill doesn’t want to hear it and orders his reporter to get the purchase agreement signed before he leaves the show. After, Bill caresses the model of his new skyscraper.

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At Spectra, CJ confronts Sally about the downright extravagant showroom, and warns that if this show isn’t a success, he’s selling the building. In the showroom, Shirley warns Coco that her days of rubbing elbows with the hoity-toity people are going to come to an end and reminds her she’s a Spectra. Sally-behind-scenes-BB-HWShirley enthuses to Sally in the office that they outfoxed the Forresters. Sally is bitter about stealing the knock-offs, hurting Thomas, and upset that Coco’s world will crash down. Shirley clucks about her getting all mushy about the Forresters and urges her to radiate Spectra pride when she takes the stage. Sally looks at a poster of her Aunt Sally. Shirley returns to the showroom and gushes over Jarrett. Sally squirms when Coco tells her she’s proud, and thanks her for being a great sister. Coco receives a sweet note from RJ along with the corsage. She happily hugs Sally and they express their love. Sally, clearly conflicted, takes a deep breath and looks out at the gathering crowd.

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Bill tells Wyatt about his plans for the Spectra building.

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