B&B Recap: Sally has a surprising encounter with Steffy

Candace Young

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Wednesday April 12, 2017: Maya questions Coco, Saul squares off with Thomas, and RJ has Coco’s back.

B&B Recap: Sally has a surprising encounter with Steffy image

In the showroom, Sally marvels at the activity as they prepare for their fashion show. Saul brings some details to her attention and says she’s going to get air. Back in the office, Saul laments to Shirley that Sally seems so sad, and Coco will be too when she realizes they stole Forrester designs.

At Forrrester Creations, Thomas alters a model’s gown and thinks about Sally. Steffy arrives and admires his work. Realizing he’s still down, she offers to bring him a latte. In the design office, Maya tells Coco she was surprised to hear Spectra’s planning a show. Coco admits she was too. Maya finds that odd. Nicole supposes Sally didn’t show Coco the designs so as not to put her in a difficult position. Coco exits, and Nicole assures Maya that Coco is a good person. Maya still thinks it’s strange that Coco wasn’t privy to Spectra’s designs. Elsewhere, RJ and Coco work on plans for the Forrester fashion show. Coco notes that people aren’t sure about her. RJ assures her he has her back. He mentions Sally cutting Thomas loose and Coco, who didn’t know, is concerned about what it means about the Spectras and Forresters. RJ charms Coco with a kiss and promises to take care of her.

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At Il Giardino, Sally spots Steffy and makes her way over to apologize for getting under her skin. Relations thaw as Steffy admits it wasn’t her first food fight. She questions Sally breaking it off with Thomas. Sally sighs that she had to come back down to earth after living the high life in Australia. Steffy doesn’t get it. “That doesn’t make sense to me.” Sally grimly replies, “It will. Soon enough” Steffy wishes Sally good luck with her show. Sally remarks on her good manners; she wishes they could have been friends. Steffy shrugs that stranger things have happened. Sally thinks that ship has sailed, but she finds Steffy very nice and wants her to remember that.

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Thomas shows up at Spectra Fashions and Saul flies into full panic mode, as Shirley is about to enter with the rip-off designs on a rack. Saul-face-down-Thomas-BB-CDSaul drags Thomas into the office and tears into him about not being what Sally is looking for. Thomas smirks that the skinny dude with a tape measure around his neck has a crush on his boss. As Thomas exits, Saul retorts, “It’s called a runner’s build.” Saul reads the love note Thomas left for Sally and opens his gift – a replica of the Sydney Opera House – and throws it in the trash. Shirley appears as Saul if feeling guilty. Shirley opines that Sally has to get her head together – it’s Spectra Fashions or Thomas. Outside, Thomas runs into Sally and makes another pitch for their relationship. He kisses her, but Sally shouts at him to go. After, she tears off the Spectra sign and throws it on the ground.

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Sally and Shirley work to keep Coco away from their new line as they plan for its debut.

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