B&B Recap: Bill fumes upon learning Sally plans another fashion show

Candace Young

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Tuesday April 11, 2017: Sally struggles to move forward with the plan, Steffy learns Thomas was dumped, and Bill frustrates Jarrett.

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At Spectra Fashions, Saul tries to cheer up a downcast Sally to no avail. Coco enters with Darlita – she’s thrilled her sister is planning another fashion show and can’t wait to see her designs. Shirley appears and reminds Coco to get her brooch today; it’s an important family piece. Once Coco’s gone, Sally angrily questions herself for stealing from Thomas and his family. They gather around a model wearing a gown. Sally looks at the initials on the original sketch and realizes Thomas designed it. She declares that she cannot do this – not only is she betraying Thomas, but Coco will never speak to them again. Shirley thinks she’ll get over it. She drills Sally with all the reasons it won’t work between her and Thomas, and implores her to get over it. Sally, despondent, thinks about Thomas. She snaps out of it and calls her crew together for a pep talk using her Aunt Sally’s loudspeaker. Shirley is proud. Once alone, Sally’s expression turns grim again.

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy suggests Thomas look at other girls besides Sally. He relays that he’s not seeing her anymore – she broke it off. Steffy sniffs, “Classy,” when she learns Sally broke it off because he has a son. Ridge enters and notices Thomas’ mood. Steffy reports that Sally dumped him. Ridge draws their attention to a model in a gown. “Wait until the world gets a load of this…” After, Thomas flashes to being with Sally and looks lovelorn.

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In Bill’s office at Spencer Publications, he grouses at Wyatt about the expansion project being on hold until Spectra tanks. Jarrett-Wyatt-Bill-confer-BB-CDJarrett enters with an invitation to Spectra’s next fashion show. Bill’s irked. Jarrett tersely informs Bill that he will be attending, but not under the same circumstances as last time. Wyatt is surprised to hear Bill wrote the review last time. Jarrett plans to pen an honest review this time. Bill gets snarky, and then angry. He threatens to fire Jarrett if he doesn’t deliver a negative review. Scandalized, Jarrett mutters about his professional integrity, but Bill cuts him off, reminding the reporter his name is on the building. Bill orders Jarrett to hand over the invitation and wonders how they’re pulling all this off with the loan shark breathing down their neck, and observes that Sally’s designs cannot compete with Forrester’s…not on her best day. Jarrett is dispatched from the office and Wyatt, looking at a laptop, muses that Sally’s hot. Bill scoffs that she won’t be around long. Wyatt lightly chastises Bill for the scathing review and notes she’s been dating Thomas. Bill only cares about his building. He wonders aloud if Sally has ripped off the Forresters like her predecessor. Noting Bill’s coldness toward the girl, Wyatt speculates whether she is playing Thomas.

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