B&B Recap: The Spectra gang sees something off limits via the spycam

Candace Young

Monday, April 10th, 2017

Monday April 10, 2017: Sally is determined to dump Thomas, Saul worries about his friend, and Darlita makes a stunning realization.

B&B Recap: The Spectra gang sees something off limits via the spycam image

At Il Giardino, Thomas pleads with Sally – he knows he should have told her about his son, but that’s not a reason to split up. “What else is going on?” Sally grimly replies that it’s complicated. Thomas becomes intense – he can’t let her walk away. Sally launches into a speech about being grateful for the time they’ve had together and urges him to be with Caroline and Douglas. Thomas-Sally-dump-BB-CDThomas wants to be with Sally, and senses there’s something she’s not telling him. Sally sniffs that she’s just not feeling it, but Thomas accuses her of outright lying. He reiterates that it wasn’t working out with Caroline in New York, and insists he didn’t really know what he wanted until he met Sally. She continues to try and convince him they’re not a good fit because of their families. Thomas laments how he’s been treated by his clan – why should he care what they think? He feels they have something special. Sally informs him she came to L.A. to do a job and has wasted her time daydreaming about him – she’s Sally Spectra and can’t be a part of his world. Thomas disagrees. Sally takes a ragged breath – she promised her grandmother she’d stay focused. She takes a hard line – he’s being rejected and should go. “I don’t want you anymore.” After a stare-off, Thomas finally departs. Sally bursts into tears.

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At Spectra Fashions, Saul questions a puzzled Shirley as to whether Sally really needs to break if off with Thomas. He doesn’t want her to get her heart broken just so they can succeed. Shirley grimaces that men come and go…and right now it is time for Thomas Forrester to go!

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Elsewhere at Spectra, Darlita is watching the feed from the spy brooch in an increasing panic as Rick Forrester becomes more intimate with the wearer. Suddenly Coco appears. Darlita is utterly confused and mutters that there must be some kind of tape delay happening. Coco submits to a line of questioning about working with Rick, which leads to Darlita realizing she loaned his wife, Maya, her brooch. The receptionist sighs with relief. Coco is bewildered and wonders if Darlita’s been drinking. Darlita reassures her and hightails it into the office to stammer out the news to Design-Rick-cam-BB-CDShirley and Saul that Maya Forrester has Coco’s brooch. She shows them the feed as proof, and Shirley squeals – Rick is showing Maya…Forrester designs. They scramble to get screen captures. “We have hit the motherlode!” Shirley says Sally had better be as happy about this as they are. After they have printed off the stolen designs, Saul continues to fret about Sally. Shirley only wants to talk about bringing Spectra back to the top.

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