B&B Recap: Ivy reacts to Quinn and Ridge crossing the line

Candace Young

Friday, February 17th, 2017

Friday February 17, 2017: Ridge hangs around the mansion after the wedding, Zende and Nicole consummate their marriage, and Bill argues with Brooke about Ridge.

B&B Recap: Ivy reacts to Quinn and Ridge crossing the line image

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge is looking for his keys when Ivy appears. They are chatting when Quinn enters. She mentions Eric is upstairs. Ivy exits to take a call from John, and Quinn wonders why Ridge is still there. Ridge thought he was helping. Quinn says he can help by not looking at her again how he did at the wedding. Ridge counters that she was staring at him. They rehash their forbidden kiss, and Ridge says it won’t happen again. They spar verbally. Quinn wonders if he’ll put her over his knee and spank her. He asks if that’s on the table. Quinn accuses him of hanging around to see her. They establish that they love Eric and Brooke, but Quinn admits to being drawn to her dark side. She calls Ridge the Dark Prince – they’re a lot alike. Quinn-Ridge-kiss-garden-BB-CDRidge says goodnight and exits. Quinn spots Ridge’s keys and follows him outside. They kiss passionately before parting ways. Quinn turns to go inside and Ivy slaps her. “How dare you!” In Zende’s room, he and Nicole joke about being an old married couple. Zende reveals they will leave for somewhere beautiful and exotic tomorrow, but tonight his bedroom will have to do. Nicole kisses him. “I love you so much.” Nicole marvels that they’re actually married; as Zende reflects on having their whole lives together to look forward to. He plans to honor the promises he made to her today. “You’re everything to me.” They kiss and begin to make love. Afterward, Nicole enthuses, “So this is what it will be like every night.” Zende has a confession – he snores. They restate their love for each other and kiss.

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In Brooke’s kitchen, she’s startled when Bill appears with his cold remedy – steak and eggs - with protein and iron! Brooke doesn’t have much of an appetite. They talk about Ridge having to go to the Forrester wedding alone. Brooke warns he’ll be back soon. Bill brings up how Ridge and Quinn have suddenly found common ground. He then muses about how many times she and Ridge have hit roadblocks in their relationship. Brooke asks him to please stop. Bill maintains that she will be his. “Face it, Brooke, you already are.” Brooke reminds Bill they had many chances and never got married. Bill concedes he let his ego get in the way this last time, but predicts Ridge will cheat on her with another woman – he’s done it a thousand times before. Exasperated, Brooke insists she and Ridge are destined to be together and there is no other woman for him but her. Bill mocks the idea there is some cosmic force ordaining that she and Ridge will be together – the only destiny Bill believes in is the two of them being married.

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- Candace Young

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