B&B Recap: I Just Inherited It.

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Hope and Liam make Wyatt an offer, Rick fills Carter in about Maya, and Oliver discusses Maya with Ally.

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Hope and Liam make out at FC. She's kind of sad that Wyatt has lost so much because of his mom. She's impressed that Liam has been so nice to his brother. He thinks they should all act like family. They head down the hall, where Ivy is with the rest of the Forrester crew. Eric informs her that they are not giving her an internship. Rick and Hope explain they are hiring her as a designer. Ivy shakes her head a lot. She already has a set-up in Sydney and can't just go back and forth. She'd need help. Liam and Hope head back to her office. She thinks they should hire Wyatt back. Liam agrees. Part of him doesn't trust his brother but the other part feels compassion. She thanks him and gives him a kiss. Meanwhile, Rick corners Carter and tells him about Maya hitting on him in the steam room. She shows up and Rick leaves them alone. Carter confronts her. Down in his studio, Oliver tells Ally what an amazing person she is. "You've changed me," she says. He's helped her through some hard times. He tells her that Maya has accused him of using her. Ally thinks that Maya just feels threatened. Oliver explains that Maya has been acting pretty shady lately and made a recording of him saying some bad things.

At the beach house, Wyatt watches the video of Ricardo talking about the Hope Diamond's power. Deacon shows up and wonders how he is doing. Wyatt shows him the diamond and swears him to secrecy. "I just inherited it," he explains, before telling him about its magical powers. They discuss the Hope and Liam situation and his mother's wild rampage. Wyatt's not sure he can ever give up on a future with Hope. Seconds later, she calls and asks him over to Forrester.

Wyatt arrives at Hope's office. She and Liam offer him a position working with Ivy. Liam makes it clear that he trusts him. They decide to start acting like real brothers. Wyatt happily accepts the offer and the brothers hug.

Spoilers for Tuesday on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Oliver is in an awkward position where Ally's concerned.

Wyatt enacts a new plan.

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