B&B Recap: Great Fortune.

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Liam makes a request of Wyatt, Ridge's memories start returning, and Wyatt has unexpected visitors.

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At home, Ridge has a flashback to being in the helicopter and seeing the Spencer logo on the pilot's sleeve. Katie asks what he's remembering. Ridge paces as more of the scene in Abu Dhabi comes back to him. Katie asks, "What is it?" Ridge says, "Spencer." He's frustrated because he's only remembering pieces. Ridge picks up a scrunched up paper. Katie suggests they return to Forrester where he's most creative.

At Spencer, Bill goes down his checklist of things he's got back, but he still doesn't have Brooke Logan as his wife. Brooke giggles. He's anxious to tie the knot - every day that passes, something could happen to derail their happiness. Brooke doesn't think there's anything else that could affect them. Bill chides her about it taking so long for her to put together a wedding. He wants to talk about honeymoon plans, but Justin interrupts. After, Bill and Brooke kiss. Brooke suggests a double-wedding with Hope and Liam. Bill counters, "How about a double-elopement?" They debate how and when to get married. Brooke looks forward to everyone getting along.

At Liam's house, Wyatt tells him and Hope how sorry he is about his mother's actions again. They credit him with stopping her. He thanks them for not pressing charges. Hope wonders if Wyatt will be alright. Wyatt reassures them and they all joke around. Wyatt wonders about him and Liam being brothers. Liam says he saved his life and he won't forget that. Wyatt tries Liam's crutches and they have some more laughs. Hope pulls out a gift and says it's from Liam. Wyatt opens a bow tie. Liam hopes he'll wear it at their wedding and be his best man. Wyatt quips that it's one ugly bow tie. Liam hopes he'll wear it anyway - he wants a new beginning. Wyatt agrees. They embrace. Later, Hope and Liam enthuse about the new chapter they are starting with Wyatt. They kiss.

At Forrester, Katie tells Ridge to take his time. He tries to draw but has more flashbacks. Justin opens the door and asks Katie if she's seen Rick. Ridge barks, "Hey you!" He has more flashes and Justin exits.

At home, Wyatt recalls his romance with Hope. Two men come to the door with news that Ricardo has died and left him the Hope Diamond. Wyatt is stunned. The men tell him with great fortune comes great responsibility and give him a flashdrive from Ricardo that will explain everything. They wish him luck.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge is determined to regain his memory.

Bill denies accusations against him.

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