B&B Recap: To The Slammer.

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Ridge worries his talent is gone, Bill reverses Katie's changes at Spencer, and a new Forrester arrives.

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At home, Katie holds Ridge and assures him his gift is not lost - he's a brilliant designer. She tells him his memories and talent are still in there; they haven't gone away. Ridge muses that he can recall his tenth birthday, but not how to draw. Katie urges him to be patient with himself. Ridge laments that designing is who he is. "What if it doesn't come back?" He explains that the design is in his hand, he just can't get it onto the paper. Katie feels it will come. Ridge thinks it's gone. He swears Katie to secrecy - Rick would take advantage. Katie thinks if he processes the trauma went through, everything will go back to normal. Katie gets Ridge to relax. He flashes to designing and then suddenly remembers seeing the Spencer logo in Abu Dhabi.

Rick and Hope join Brooke and Eric for a meeting at Forrester Creations and are surprised to hear Ridge left. Eric assures them Ridge will be fine to lead the company into the future. They discuss Quinn and Wyatt being gone. Brooke is relieved. Hope tells about the threats she made. Eric also blames her for what happened to Ridge. "Good riddance." They agree the company will feel the loss of Quinn Artisan. Rick and Eric tell them about Ivy Forrester, who is designing for their boutique in Australia. Hope and Brooke are thrilled. Rick surprises them by calling Ivy in - she's there. Ivy hugs everyone and Eric welcomes her. Brooke exits and Ivy thanks Eric for the opportunity before showing off her designs. Hope admires a piece and Ivy tells her she can have it. Ivy goes to find Pam and the others discuss her potential to replace Quinn Artisans.

At Spencer Publications, Bill tells Justin that soon it will be like Katie never happened. An employee asks about the closed daycare. Bill tells her to enroll the baby in preschool. He declares that Katie's reign is over. Bill tells Alison to erase Katie's other changes - they need to get back to the business of being miserable and making real money again. As Bill continues, Justin warns he's going to have a lot of disgruntled employees on his hands. Talk turns to the helicopter incident. Justin says it's a good thing Ridge doesn't remember - he thought he might go to the slammer over this one. Bill says he never meant to hurt the dressmaker - he just sent him for a little swim. Brooke arrives. Justin exits. Brooke asks about his corporate moves and giggles that he doesn't have to tell her everything - he can have his little secrets. Bill looks unsettled.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge remembers something important.

Brooke and Bill plan their wedding.

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