B&B Recap: This Thing Is Killer!

Friday, July 4th, 2014

Bill kicks Deacon out, Deacon sees Quinn's sword, and Wyatt promises to deal with his mother.

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At the Malibu house, Wyatt argues that Quinn would never harm Hope, but Liam reiterates that she threatened to kill her. Hope asks if she's capable of murder. Wyatt struggles to believe that Quinn is that dangerous and wonders how to confront her. Hope says he has to find out if she's serious.

In her warehouse, Quinn fondles the sword. She gets a text from Wyatt saying he needs to see her; he's with Hope and Liam. Furious, Quinn realizes Liam told them about her threat.

At Brooke's place, Deacon insists that Hope wants him in her life. Brooke gets pissed when he questions her hooking up with Spencer and orders him out. Bill appears. "What the hell are you doing here?" Deacon says he's there about his daughter, who happens to be involved with Bill's son. Bill scoffs that he's there working an angle. They argue. Brooke says Hope doesn't need him in her life. Bill says, "Beat it, convict." After, Brooke admits she does see a change in Deacon. Bill thinks that's part of the con. Brooke says Hope wants a relationship with him. Bill vows to protect them. He wonders where Deacon's staying. Bill gets amorous and suggests they set off some fireworks. Brooke is still worried about Deacon.

In Malibu, the debate about how dangerous Quinn truly is continues. Wyatt says if she goes near either one of them, he'll call the police. Liam tells Wyatt they can't stand for her threatening Hope. Wyatt says he's so sorry and promises to handle this. After, Hope and Liam say goodnight.

Deacon returns to the warehouse and asks to see what Quinn's been working on. He tells her about his visit to Brooke's house. She pulls out the sword. He's impressed. "This thing is killer!" She muses, "That's the point." Deacon wonders what she's going to do with it. Quinn leaves with it. Wyatt arrives and Deacon says Quinn left. Wyatt learns how Deacon and Quinn met. Deacon says he's worried - Quinn left with a sword just like Wyatt's necklace only life-size. Wyatt runs out.

Quinn looks in Liam's door. He spots her, panics, and threatens to call the police. Quinn says after tonight, Hope and Wyatt will be free of him at last. She kicks his sprained ankle. He falls. She brandishes the sword. "I warned you!"

Hope arrives at home, where Brooke and Bill tell her Deacon stopped by. Hope says she forgave him and reminds Bill that Liam forgave him too. She wants Deacon in her life. Brooke tells Bill she'll trust her daughter.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt and Liam bond.

Hope has words for Bill.

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