B&B Recap: Butt Out.

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Wyatt confronts Quinn, Brooke envisions a new beginning, and Deacon shows up on someone's doorstep.

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Bill and Brooke join Hope in the kitchen at home. They talk about Hope For The Future and Ridge's recovery. Hope says it's a miracle they found him. Brooke blames it all on Quinn - when that woman doesn't get what she wants she goes nuts. Later, Brooke suggests to Bill that they play hooky. They discuss Quinn. Brooke assures him she doesn't consider his romp with Quinn as cheating. She complains about not being able to get Quinn out of their lives. They reflect on their adventures in Abu Dhabi. Bill suggests they get married and finish what they started. Brooke wants the family there. Bill thinks it will be a hard sell - especially to Hope. Brooke envisions a new beginning.

At the warehouse, Wyatt asks Quinn if she was at Liam's house. She admits it. Wyatt notes that Liam wound up at the hospital and asks if it was her doing. Deacon listens from the shadows as Quinn muses that if she wanted to hurt Liam, he'd have more than a sprained ankle. Wyatt rails that Hope chose Liam because of her behavior. He forbids her to go near them or on that property again. Quinn protests that he's the man Hope should be with, not Liam. Wyatt leaves, disgusted. Deacon emerges. He and Quinn argue about what she's doing. Deacon says he's learned from his mistakes and if she'd get off her high horse, she could learn too. Quinn doesn't care what happens to her - Wyatt's future is all that matters. Exasperated, Deacon yells, "Then do what he's asking and butt out of his love life." Once alone, Quinn takes a life-size sword from a locked box and fondles it.

In Malibu, Liam flashes to Quinn's visit the night before. Hope drops in and offers to play nurse. Liam tells her Quinn stopped by again last night and threatened to kill both of them. Hope decides to call Wyatt. He agrees to come to Liam's house. Hope tells Liam that Quinn has to be stopped. Wyatt arrives and says he told his mother to stop. They debate about whether she'll listen. Liam tells Wyatt she's determined to get rid of anyone preventing Wyatt from being happy and details the death threats. Wyatt is stunned. Hope says they need to know if she's capable of murder.

Brooke opens her door to Deacon while Bill is upstairs on a work call. Brooke grills him on why he's in town and warns him away from Hope. Deacon says he's changed and asks her to let him earn another chance.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Things grow tense when Bill and Deacon have an encounter.

Quinn is furious when she learns who Liam told about her recent threat.

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