B&B Recap: Start All Over.

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Rick promises not to play the tape, Quinn has more threats, and Deacon finds something interesting at Quinn's place.

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At Forrester, Rick plays the incriminating recording to Oliver who says he’s fallen in love with Ally since. He admits Ridge made him feel like a failure, but his feelings for Ally are real. Oliver understands if he’s fired but begs Rick not to use the recording to hurt Ally. Caroline reveals that Maya is the one who taped Oliver. Rick agrees not to play Ally the recording and tells Oliver he’ll be watching him. Later, Rick thinks Ally should know but Caroline isn’t sure it makes sense to break Ally’s heart to keep Oliver from doing it.

In her bedroom, Ally gushes about the evening and decides tonight was like being in love. She sends Oliver an email thanking him, then chats with her mom’s ghost. She wonders when she will know she’s in love. Her mom tells Ally she needs to know herself first. She thinks about Oliver and he calls her. He tells her how much she means to him and hopes she never forgets that.

At Quinn’s place, Deacon guesses Quinn really was lurking around Liam’s house. She tells him to hit the road and gets back to her welding. Later, Deacon tells her he is still trying to decide who Hope should be with, and right now Hope trusts him more than Quinn. He’s staying, and he grabs Quinn close and tells her to pick up some beer. Alone, Deacon looks around and pulls out a box. It’s locked, but he spies a key.

At Bikini Bar, Hope orders takeout and calls Liam. She tells him Quinn denied being at his house. She wants to know if he’s sure he saw Quinn and he wants some sleep before answering. They hang up and Wyatt joins her at the bar. He wants to start all over with her and tells her he saw Deacon. He wanted to be sure to tell her as soon as possible. She appreciates that and tells him Liam sprained his ankle after thinking he saw Quinn. She tells him that Liam is scared of Quinn, but Wyatt doesn’t think she’s actually dangerous. Wyatt offers to talk to Quinn - Hope can always ask him anything. No matter what he accomplishes in life it will never make up for losing her.

At home, Liam is scared in bed. He gets up to look around with a flashlight and finds Quinn. She chastises him for running to Hope about her and calls him a whiny little b****. She demands he give Wyatt his job back, go to Paris with Steffy and leave them alone. Then, she threatens to kill Hope before seeing her with Liam.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt questions Quinn about her threats.

Brooke is totally surprised.

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