B&B Recap: Bring Her Home.

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Ridge confronts Quinn, Eric learns Ridge's plans, and Bill firms up wedding details.

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Bill and Brooke race to Abu Dhabi in a white sports car. They talk about how it all used to be desert until oil was discovered. They arrive at a palace fit for Bill's 'princess' and are led inside. They spend time on the beach and ride camels while holding hands. After, they visit another palace in the white sports car. They meet with a wedding planner but Bill still won't reveal the location of the ceremony. Later, Justin admires Bill's fancy digs and asks why he wanted him to tag along. Bill says he's there to make sure nothing gets in the way of him marrying Brooke. Bill talks about how he and Brooke want the same things out of life. Justin muses that tomorrow she becomes Mrs. Dollar Bill Spencer. Bill wants nothing to get in the way of that. Bill rejoins Brooke, who tells him how amazing he is for setting all of this up. Brooke presses for a hint about the wedding location. Bill tells her to go for a massage while he checks on things. On the beach, Bill confirms details for the wedding ceremony.

At Forrester, Ridge contemplates the photo of Quinn and Brooke. Quinn appears. "You wanted to see me?" Ridge asks about the photo. She pretends to wonder how he got it and then admits she and Bill had an affair. Quinn say she must have accidentally uploaded it with the jewelry pictures. Ridge muses about Bill lying to Brooke; pretending she was the only woman in his life when he was sneaking around with Quinn. He gets fired up and Quinn points out how protective he is of Brooke. Ridge barks that she's the mother of his child. Quinn says he'd have to drag Brooke away from Bill. He decides that may be what he'll do. After, Eric enters as Ridge is on the phone trying to learn the wedding location. He tells Eric he's going to bring Brooke home. Eric gets up to speed on Bill and Quinn's affair. Ridge says he's taking the jet. Eric suggests he just upload the photo. Ridge thinks Bill would talk his way out of it. Eric says, "Ridge. Bring her home." They embrace. In another office, Quinn flashes to a young Bill Spencer and to him as he looks now. She smiles at the selfie on her phone.

On the Forrester jet, Ridge tells Kyle the pilot they need to go immediately and forewarns him that Brooke will be on the manifest for the return flight.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie feels unsettled about Ridge's plans.

Quinn and Wyatt fight after she sets something in motion.

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