B&B Recap: Romance Junkie.

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Brooke receives a gift, Ridge and Eric discuss Bill, and Wyatt debates with Quinn.

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Over dinner, Brooke and Bill discuss their Dubai adventure and how they are next heading off to Abu Dhabi. Bill tells Brooke, "I've got a little surprise for my lady." Some traditional dishes are brought out and Bill feeds Brooke tastes of them. He marvels at the expressions on her face as she experiences things for the first time. Brooke thanks him for bringing her there. He says, "First stop on a lifelong journey." Brooke notices a large jewelry box. It's a stunning necklace. Bill says it's authentic Arabic jewelry. He puts it on Brooke and she thanks him. He's keen to put the wedding ring on her next. She says she can't wait to be his wife. Bill wants to give her the world. Brooke says his greatest gift is his commitment - she doesn't have to worry about another woman trying to take him away. Bill says there will never be another woman for him.

At Forrester Creations, Wyatt finds Quinn, who has just sent Ridge the selfie email. He's worried she's planning something devious and wants to know what it is so he can stop her. Quinn muses that Ridge's reaction to Brooke's wedding plans is fascinating. Wyatt thinks Quinn doesn't want the marriage to happen either. She says Bill shouldn't be marrying anyone until everything plays out. Wyatt tells her to let Bill and Brooke be. "Don't interfere." Quinn says even if they marry, it won't last - Brooke's a romance junkie. Wyatt thinks Quinn is setting herself up for disappointment. He accuses her of saving herself for Bill all these years. Quinn denies it. In another office, Eric questions Ridge about Brooke. Ridge says she's living in a world where Bill Spencer is a romantic hero - he has to stop her from marrying that clown. Eric points out that he's awfully invested in who Brooke marries considering he's engaged himself. Ridge complains that his son is involved. Eric says he doesn't think Ridge can stand the idea of Brooke being married to anyone but him. Ridge insists Eric is wrong. Eric concedes that it's not ideal to have RJ around an idiot, but he doesn't believe Bill has any bad intent toward Bill or RJ. Ridge wonders how he can show Brooke that Bill's a fraud. Eric thinks Ridge and Brooke are still in love. Ridge says he just wants what's best for her. He knows there must be dirt on Bill. Eric can't see how Ridge can stop this. Ridge thanks him for listening. Once alone, Ridge checks his email and is stunned to see the photo of Quinn and Bill in bed.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill plans a perfect day for his bride-to-be.

Quinn talks about her affair with Bill.

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- Candace Young

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