B&B Recap: Enough Is Enough.

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Donna advises Katie, Bill and Brooke explore Dubai, and Quinn makes a move despite Wyatt's warning.

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In Dubai, Bill and Brooke talk about all the things to do there. She wants to shop, but he makes a stallion noise. Brooke giggles. He tells her they have one of the biggest suites in the world there, and they go to start their adventure. Over lunch, a man tells them Arabian weddings often last for weeks. Brooke tells Bill that Dubai is so 'him'; exotic and larger-than-life. Bill tells her she's going to love her wedding surprise. They talk about seeing Old Dubai, bike-riding along the gulf, and taking a balloon ride over the desert. They take a walk holding hands. Bill can't wait until she becomes his bride.

Katie finds Ridge at Forrester. He complains about Bill giving RJ a sword necklace and telling him to wear it with Spencer pride. They debate whether Bill is trying to use RJ to get to him. Katie doesn't want Ridge to obsess over it. In another office, Wyatt is stunned to see the selfie of Quinn and Bill. He orders Quinn to delete it. She ignores him and muses, "Can you imagine how Brooke would react if she saw this?" Wyatt warns her not to mess with Brooke or they'll lose their jobs. He says he's 'creeped out' and wants her to erase the photo. Ridge appears. "Let's get started." He tells Quinn and Wyatt he's skeptical about their jewelry being adequate for the couture line. Quinn is confident she has pieces that will be more to his liking. She reminds him he's upset with Bill, not them. Ridge admits he's been off balance. Quinn says she'll send the designs. Ridge exits. Wyatt warns Quinn again not to do anything. Quinn replies that Brooke is the wrong woman for Bill - she knows it and so does Ridge. Meanwhile, Katie and Donna discuss Bill upsetting Ridge with the necklace. Donna doesn't get Ridge worrying about Brooke and RJ. "What's his problem?" Katie says he despises Bill. Donna warns that Ridge needs to be realistic and accept that Brooke and Bill are getting married. She suggests Katie tell him enough is enough. Katie thinks maybe Donna should handle it. Donna asks if Katie is happy. Katie says she just hates seeing Ridge upset - he's obsessed with Bill and Brooke. Donna hugs her. Later, Wyatt rejoins Quinn who promises there will be no deliberate interference on her part. Wyatt goes and she sends Ridge the selfie of her and Bill along with the jewelry designs. In the other office, Katie makes an appeal to Ridge about them all getting along. She tells him Brooke and Bill are getting married and there's nothing they can do about that.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill surprises Brooke with a special gift.

Ridge makes a decision.

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