B&B Recap: Ammunition.

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Wyatt questions Quinn, Ridge learns of Bill's gift to RJ, and Brooke and Bill arrive in Dubai.

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On the jet, Brooke and Bill look forward to their romantic trip to Dubai. Bill alludes to a surprise he has planned. She enthuses about having their very own royal wedding. They discuss what they'll do there. Brooke wants to go on a fun desert safari. He kisses her head. Later, they sit in the cockpit and take in the sights of Dubai as they approach. They land and drive a sports car to their luxury resort. Bill tells Brooke, "You ain't seen nothin' yet." They are welcomed by the staff and go out on a balcony to take in the stunning vistas. Brooke squeals, "I love Dubai!"

At Forrester, Hope and Donna discuss Brooke having yet another wedding. Hope wonders if Ridge knows. He enters and says he's aware that Brooke is about to make the biggest mistake of her life. They debate about Bill. Ridge reminds them he destroyed Katie's life and warns he'll do the same to Brooke. In another office, Wyatt tells Quinn about the wedding plans. Quinn notes Brooke's track record and predicts she will dump Bill before long and he'll be humiliated. She decides they have to stop the wedding. Wyatt says he thinks it's out of their hands. Quinn feels that Bill is walking into a trap and deserves better. Wyatt asks, "You mean you?" Quinn shrugs that they had their fun. She wonders aloud that if she has the power to stop him from making a mistake, why shouldn't she use it? Wyatt asks why she's acting like she's got ammunition. She frustrates him by making vague and cryptic comments. They go to join Hope, Ridge, and Donna for a meeting about new jewelry designs. Talk quickly turns to Brooke and Bill's wedding. Ridge curtly asks to see Quinn's jewelry. He looks at the pieces and warns Quinn she'll have to come up with something better if she wants to keep working there. Hope intervenes. Ridge apologizes. He admits he's stressed about the wedding and feels Bill isn't good enough for Brooke. Wyatt is sorry he feels that way. The meeting breaks up when Ridge gets a video call from RJ. He shows him his new sword necklace from Bill and goes on about wearing it with Spencer pride. Ridge signs off and stews. In the other office, Quinn muses to Wyatt about how upset Ridge was behaving over Brooke and Bill. Wyatt thinks he's just being protective. Quinn wonders what he would say if he knew about her and Bill. Wyatt says Bill would deny it. Quinn shows him her photo. "The camera doesn't lie."

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn sets a plan in motion.

Ridge gets leverage against Bill.

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