B&B Recap: The Bad Guy.

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Brooke visits Katie, RJ receives a gift from Bill, and Hope promises to make a decision soon.

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At Spencer, Brooke tells Bill she has to go see Katie and will meet him at the jet. They kiss. After, Bill takes a call from Wyatt, who wants to discuss his mother. He learns that Bill plans to marry Brooke in Dubai.

At Katie's place, she and Ridge discuss how the idea of Brooke marrying Bill and him being a stepfather to RJ drives him crazy. Ridge decrees that it's unacceptable to him. Later, Brooke arrives and tells Katie that she and Bill are going away soon, and when they get back they'll be married. Brooke wishes Katie could be happy for her. Katie snarks. "We all wish for a lot of things." They bicker about Ridge not trusting Bill. Katie doesn't know how to solve all the problems between them. She wonders if time will help them heal. Brooke hopes it will. Brooke exits and encounters Ridge outside. He learns she and Bill are getting married in Dubai and they argue. Brooke insists Bill loves her. Ridge says he loves her and wants what's best for her. "I'm not the bad guy." Brooke goes. Ridge goes inside and discusses the situation with Katie. She tells him they can't control what Brooke and Bill do, and suggests they focus on themselves and plan their own wedding. Ridge agrees.

Liam finds Hope in her office at Forrester and kisses her. He tells her Bill and Brooke are heading to the middle east today. Hope wants details. Liam suggests they talk about it poolside. Wyatt appears. "We're having a pool party?" Wyatt tells Hope that Bill and Brooke are getting married. He wonders why Bill didn't tell Liam and guesses that Dad trusted him to share the news with Hope. After a bunch of bickering between Liam and Wyatt, Liam suggests to Hope that they join their parents on the jet and make it a double wedding. Hope informs them she won't be marrying anyone. More bickering ensues. She says she will make a decision soon and it will be the best for everyone.

Bill and Justin chat on the jet. Justin tells him everything is set with the sword necklace. Bill talks to RJ via video call. RJ thanks him for the sword necklace and Bill explains the significance of it. After, Justin muses that Bill is sticking it to Ridge. Bill says Ridge will have to get used to the way things are, and tells Justin he's coming with them overseas to handle whatever might come up. Justin goes to the cockpit and Brooke arrives. They talk about where they'll get married and kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke and Bill head to the Middle East for their getaway.

Bill's gift to RJ sends Ridge into a fit of temper.

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