B&B Recap: Toes Wet.

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Quinn tells Wyatt about her tryst with Bill, Brooke is surprised by Bill's plans, and Katie learns of the engagement.

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At Katie's house, Donna tells her that Brooke and Bill are getting married. Katie wonders if it's retaliation for her engagement to Ridge. Donna worries there's a constant competition between Katie and Brooke. Katie says she wants to make sure the children are as unaffected by this mess as possible.

At Forrester, Wyatt digs to find out what happened when Quinn went to Bill's office. She sighs and tells him Bill is in love. Quinn worries Wyatt sees her as a woman trying to get close to a man who doesn't want her. Wyatt keeps expressing concern and Quinn tells him he's more of a woman than she is. She talks about despising herself for wanting to be wanted, but then the feeling goes away. Wyatt asks if she tested the waters with Bill before. Quinn replies, "I may have gotten a toe wet." Quinn says they may have thought there was a chance for her and Bill, but he doesn't.

At Spencer, Brooke screams for Bill and Ridge to stop fighting. Ridge questions Brooke really wanting to marry this clown. He thinks she's trying to hurt him due to the circumstances. Bill clarifies that Brooke is not using him - she wants to spend her life with him. He accuses Ridge of trying to bully her, and orders him out. Brooke tells Ridge it's her life. Ridge wonders what will happen to their son's life with that buffoon for a stepfather. "It's not too late to change your mind." Ridge goes. Brooke informs Bill this can never happen again. He says that's up to her ex, and puts her ring back on her finger. Brooke tells him this is a great time to get away on the trip he planned. They kiss and make their plans. Brooke muses that she's never had this before - with Ridge there was always another woman. Justin enters and offers congratulations. Bill tells him they're getting married overseas. Brooke gasps, "What?" While Brooke takes a call from Donna, Bill asks Justin to have another sword necklace replicated. After, Bill tells Brooke they'll marry in a secret location. They kiss.

Ridge arrives home and tells Katie he's aware of Bill and Brooke's engagement. She notices he's ruffled and is astounded to learn he and Bill got in a fight and Brooke broke it up. He complains that Brooke is determined to marry him. Ridge assures Katie this is only about his feelings toward Bill. Katie says they have no say in this, but Ridge still thinks Brooke might dump Bill. Katie warns that Brooke knows what Bill is capable of but she no longer cares.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke plans her trip with Bill.

Hope feels overwhelmed by the men in her life.

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