B&B Recap: Match Made In Heaven.

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Hope and Wyatt discuss their parents, Quinn works on Bill, and Ridge and Bill have a confrontation.

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At Forrester, Ridge tells Brooke she can't marry Bill - she deserves better. "I can't let you go." Brooke asks him to give her ring back. He refuses. Brooke says they've been through a lot and hurt each other, but Bill has shown her it can be different. Ridge says Katie will help her find someone else to be happy with. Brooke scoffs at them being her personal dating service. She says what's best for her is Bill. Ridge stalks off. In Hope's office she and Wyatt kiss and discuss their parents being engaged. Wyatt grins that a Logan woman and Spencer man sounds like a match made in heaven. They wonder how Quinn will take it. Wyatt muses that if she's interested in anything, it's his father. Hope thinks most people will be happy for Brooke and Bill. Wyatt doesn't think Katie will be. Hope says Ridge won't like it one bit - Bill would be the last person he'd want RJ to have as a stepdad.

At Spencer, Bill tells Quinn to put her coat on. She muses that it's hot in there - she might take more off. Bill calls Alison to crank up the air conditioning. After, Bill admits to Quinn that he finds her sexier than ever, but he'll never do anything about it because he's marrying Brooke. He doesn't understand why she's even pursuing this and reminds her he gave Wyatt his name - what more does she want? Quinn asks if he's sure about marrying Brooke, who always goes back to Ridge. She warns him not to be foolish enough to think he'll be the exception. Bill says Brooke is it for him. Later, Bill is making calls when Ridge appears. He tosses Bill the engagement ring. "Brooke won't be needing that anymore." Bill clucks, "Poor Katie." He tells Ridge that Brooke wants to be with him. "Accept it." Bill invites Ridge to try and get back with Brooke if he likes, but she's done with his instability. Ridge doesn't want Brooke back, but doesn't want her with the likes of Bill. They insult each other. Ridge says the engagement's off. Bill tells him he can't dictate anything in Brooke's life and warns him this won't go over well with Katie. Bill informs him that they will all parent the boys. Ridge says he's not going near RJ. Bill reminds him he'll be his stepfather and orders him out. Ridge swings and misses. Bill lands a punch. Brooke appears and screams, "Stop it!"

Quinn returns to Forrester and Hope asks if she's okay. Quinn asks, "Why wouldn't I be?" Hope exits and Wyatt ask Quinn about Bill. She admits she went to Spencer. Wyatt guesses she tried to convince his father not to marry Brooke.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Donna brings shocking news to Katie.

Brooke becomes exasperated with Ridge.

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