B&B Recap: Picture Perfect.

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Quinn releases Liam, Bill tells Liam he's engaged, and Ridge learns of Brooke's plans.

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At Spencer Publications, Bill tells Brooke he couldn't wait until later that night to propose. Brooke admires her ring and tells Bill she has a meeting at Forrester - it will be a chance to let everyone know he proposed. Bill mutters, "You mean Ridge." She doesn't want him to hear it from anyone else. Brooke tells Bill she trusts him more than anyone ever.

At Forrester, Liam pounds on the door of the locked steam room in full panic mode. He gasps that he can't breathe, so Quinn lets him out. He puffs, "You!" She scoffs at his protests that he could have died and informs him that Hope will end up with Wyatt. Liam warns her that next time he'll press charges - she won't intimidate him away from the woman he loves! In the boardroom, Ridge tries to get Rick to go deal with a call, but he won't miss the meeting. Ridge is impatient to begin. Wyatt says he'll find Quinn. Ridge is irked when Hope says Brooke got called away - he assumes Bill wanted her. Caroline hardly thinks Bill is holding Brooke hostage. Hope and Rick both express support for Bill and Brooke. Quinn arrives as the meeting begins. After, Brooke sails in and Hope notices she seems a little breathless. Ridge has stepped out. Donna notices her ring. Brooke announces she's engaged to Bill. Quinn glares as congratulations ensue. Quinn says she hopes the wedding will be picture perfect. Brooke tells Hope she's happy and can't imagine anything coming between her and Bill. Later, Ridge gets Brooke alone. He notices the ring. She says she's engaged to Bill. Ridge protests and takes the ring off her finger. "You're not going to marry Bill Spencer." In Hope's office, she kisses Wyatt and they discuss the engagement. Hope's in favor of it, but Wyatt is concerned about his mom.

Liam slams into Bill's office ranting about Quinn locking him in the Forrester steam room. He implores Bill to make her hand over the selfie photo too. Bill isn't concerned about that. He announces that he and Brooke are engaged. Liam hugs him. Bill tells Liam he'll handle any squirrely notions Quinn gets in her head. Liam wonders about Ridge. Bill says Brooke is telling him now, and if he's really the Mr. Sensitive he purports to be, he'll be happy for her. Later, Quinn visits Bill with an early wedding present - herself in black leather.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn makes a last attempt at seducing Bill again.

Hope receives a passionate kiss.

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