B&B Recap: Custody Of The Cat.

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Brooke advises Hope, Quinn toys with Liam, and Bill proposes.

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At Spencer Publications, Bill tells Liam he wants his copy today since he's leaving town. Liam wonders why on earth he's going now. Bill says Brooke is the motivation for the trip, which is a secret. Bill shares that he's taking her to Dubai to show her what giving him back his life meant to him. Liam muses that most guys would give flowers. Bill says he'll give her the world.

At Forrester, Brooke inquires about Hope's love life. She says she's still dating both Liam and Wyatt. She knows she has to be careful to make the right decision. Brooke thinks it's great she has two wonderful guys fighting over her. She urges Hope to take her time. Brooke thinks her future will be wonderful. Bill calls Brooke, who tells him she'll come see him. Hope is thrilled that Bill makes her so happy. In another office, Wyatt tells Quinn he's earned points playing with Hope's new kitten. Quinn advises that when Hope picks him, he should make sure Liam gets custody of the cat. Wyatt signs some papers as Wyatt Spencer for the first time as Quinn cheers him on. Quinn goes to Hope's office as Brooke is leaving. Quinn sends Hope off with Wyatt to look at the pieces for the new collection. Hope's phone chimes on the desk and Quinn picks it up. She reads a message from Liam asking Hope to meet him in the Forrester steam room. Later, Hope returns with Wyatt and they joke about her missing her phone. They kiss. Hope says she hasn't heard from Liam, so Wyatt is happy she's stuck with him. Meanwhile, Liam enters the steam room in a towel. Quinn lurks outside. She puts a pole through the door handle to lock him in and then turns up the temperature. Inside, Liam tries to exit when he gets too hot, but can't. Quinn smirks as he calls out.

Brooke arrives at Bill's office. She loves to see him in his element and wonders how he'll repay her. He says he's planning the most romantic trip of her life. Brooke doesn't know how he'll top Monte Carlo. Bill says this will be life-changing. He shows her photos of Dubai and then pulls out her engagement ring. He says she's the only woman who has ever accepted him completely. "It's time to make it official." Bill asks her to marry him and she tearfully accepts. They kiss.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam is in a precarious and dangerous situation thanks to Quinn.

One couple is on the threshold of a new life together.

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