B&B Recap: Seal Of Approval.

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Bill tells Brooke about Ridge's visit, Katie asks Ridge a frank question, and Ally gives her blessing.

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Thorne enters the office at Forrester where Ally is hugging Taylor as Oliver looks on. Thorne is relieved to hear she has forgiven Taylor. Thorne thanks Oliver. Ally gives Thorne and Taylor her blessing to be together. Later, Taylor and Thorne discuss Ally's forgiveness. Thorne says Ally has finally found peace and can really start to live. Taylor credits Oliver. She thinks he might be able to forgive herself now. They are happy to begin their journey. In the studio, Ally tells Oliver she's excited about what comes next. Oliver says he could almost see the weight lift off her when she forgave Taylor. Ally says Darla was all about forgiveness - she feels closer to her than ever.

In their bedroom, Bill tells Brooke he gave Wyatt his last name. Brooke husks that he's a good dad and she's pleased to have him all to herself. Brooke asks if Liam knows about Wyatt's name change. Bill says he walked in while he was discussing it with Quinn. Brooke muses that it's hard to imagine him being with Quinn - it's hard to picture. Bill tells her, "Do me a favor - don't." He flashes to Quinn holding up the photo of them on her phone. Bill tells Brooke that Ridge came to see him with full arrogance on display. He informs her she doesn't have Ridge's permission or seal of approval to move on with him. Bill fills her in on Ridge saying he won't allow him to be around RJ, or to marry her. Bill thinks RJ could do worse than him as a stepfather - he'll teach him to man up a bit. Brooke assures Bill that Ridge isn't going to change their relationship. They get close and Bill says he feels woozy around her. They kiss.

At home, Katie notes that Ridge is tense. He says Bill has that effect on him. He tells her he doesn't want to upset her, but he does not want Brooke to marry that guy. Katie defends Bill and says they'll have to accept he'll be a part of their lives. Ridge angrily wonders what Brooke is thinking. Katie muses that she's not - she's following her heart like she always does. Katie again advocates on Bill's behalf. She wonders if he doesn't want Brooke to marry Bill because of RJ, or if it's really about his feelings for Brooke. Ridge says his feelings for Brooke aren't the same as his feelings for her. Katie wants to be sure she's getting the truth. Ridge reassures her. He wants to set a wedding date - as soon as possible.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn works to keep Liam away from Hope.

Bill shares plans for a trip with Brooke.

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