B&B Recap: Separation Anxiety.

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Taylor tells Ally about the night she hit Darla, Thorne talks to Brooke, and Bill and Ridge butt heads.

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At Forrester, Oliver tells Taylor that Ally needs to forgive her. Ally asks Taylor why she drank and drove. Taylor sobs that it was an awful, horrible mistake - she was on her way to help her daughter, who was in a dangerous situation. Ally says she can't accept her with Thorne. Taylor knows - she's going back to Paris. They talk about Thorne. Ally asks Taylor to tell her about that night. Taylor says Phoebe called because she was stranded with a flat tire. She recalls it was the night of Ally's birthday party at the beach house. Taylor remembers that Phoebe also called Darla, who reached Phoebe before she did. Darla was changing the tire in the dark and fog when Taylor approached. Darla slipped and fell and Taylor couldn't stop. She sobs, "I'm so sorry!" Ally cries. Oliver says they all have to get over it somehow. He reminds Ally that Thorne got through it with Taylor's help, so he could be strong for her. Ally realizes Taylor gave Thorne back his life. Taylor and Ally embrace. Elsewhere, Brooke greets Thorne and complains about Ridge not wanting Bill around RJ. Thorne says you have to put kids first. He tells Brooke he had to break it off with Taylor for Ally's sake. Brooke is stunned to hear that Thorne is resigning his position in Paris to stay there with Ally. Thorne says he and Taylor had something, but Ally is the victim. She has never been the same, and she has never forgiven Taylor.

Ridge barges in on Bill at Spencer Publications. Bill wonders if he's selling evening gowns door-to-door again. Bill congratulates him on his engagement to Katie. Ridge can't offer the same sentiment about him and Brooke. Bill says he senses some separation anxiety. He assures Ridge that Brooke is over him and now has a man who won't run off on her over a text message. Ridge tells him to enjoy it while he can. They spar about their dislike for one another. Ridge tells Bill he can't have him in RJ's life. Bill says he'll be marrying Brooke - it's just a matter of time. Ridge says that can't happen. Bill sniffs that it's not his call, and he'll be great with RJ. Bill says he doesn't want him around Will either, but he trusts Katie and Ridge needs to trust Brooke. Bill asserts, "Brooke is going to be my wife. She will never again be your Logan."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke questions Bill about Quinn.

Thorne sees something surprising happen with Ally and Taylor.

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