B&B Recap: Get To Picking.

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Ally and Taylor square-off, Oliver warns Thorne, and Quinn visits Hope.

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Ally positively vibrates in the Forrester studio as she faces Taylor, who says she's there for her. Ally growls at Taylor to go back to wherever she came from. They each talk about being haunted by Darla's death. Ally hisses at Taylor for standing in judgement of others when she's a murderer. In an office, Oliver grills Thorne about his relationship with Taylor. Thorne admits they are a couple and Ally will have to accept it. Oliver warns him how Ally feels about Taylor. Quinn enters Hope's office and tells her she's going to want to get to picking - she won't want to wait once she hears her news. Quinn tells her Bill gave Wyatt his name. Hope doesn't see how that affects her. Quinn says it will now be painfully obvious to her fans that she's dating two brothers. Quinn knows Hope will choose right. In the hall, Charlie appears at Pam's desk in a suit of armor. She loves it, but complains about Ally's disinterest in the medieval events.

At Spencer Publications, Justin tells Wyatt his name change should be through in a couple of weeks. Caroline appears and hears Justin congratulating him. She thinks it's do to with Hope. Wyatt tells her about the name change. Caroline is pleased that Bill stepped up. She tells Wyatt he just did Hope a big favor - Hope Fuller would have been a terrible name. Now, either way she gets to be a Spencer.

In Hope's office, she tells Wyatt she heard his news from Quinn. They kiss. Wyatt says things keep getting better since he met her in the woods. In the hall, Charlie and Pam talk about the medieval photo shoot they envision Oliver doing. In the office, Thorne questions Oliver about his relationship with Ally. Oliver says she's opened up to him and offers to help be there when Thorne breaks his news. Thorne thinks she'll be fine. Oliver disagrees - he thinks telling her now is a huge mistake. In the studio, Ally is incensed to discover Taylor's been talking to her father. Ally is thankful she stopped them from having a relationship before. Taylor tells Ally she and Thorne have been getting closer lately in Paris - he deserves to be happy after giving up everything to parent her. Ally vows to stop her. "You will not take my father! You won't." Taylor says they love each other. She turns her back to call Thorne and Ally eyeballs the medieval axe. She picks it up and steps toward a screaming Taylor.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor and Ally's confrontation is interrupted by Oliver and Thorne.

Brooke gets a warning about Bill from Ridge.

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