B&B Recap: Crazy Sexcapades.

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Liam confronts Quinn, Thorne and Taylor return, Ally comes face-to-face with Taylor.

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At Spencer Publications, Quinn giddily tells Wyatt that Bill wants to give him his name. Liam's name comes up. Bill talks about how Liam's situation was different from Wyatt's. Liam enters. Quinn sighs. She hollers that Bill's making Wyatt a Spencer and there's nothing Liam can do about it. Liam wonders about the rush. Wyatt says he'd be honored to be Wyatt Spencer. Justin enters. Bill orders him to take Wyatt and do the name change. Justin and Wyatt leave. Quinn tells Bill he forgot to tell Wyatt he supports his relationship with Hope. Liam realizes she's blackmailing Bill by threatening to tell Brooke about their crazy sexcapades. Liam warns Bill not to let her do this. He thinks Bill should call Quinn's bluff. Liam tells Bill he believes Brooke would understand. Frustrated, he storms out. Later, Wyatt enters Liam's office and confirms he's all 'Spencerized'. They joke about being brothers. Liam says the next time Bill loses everything he's bunking with Wyatt. In Bill's office, Quinn flirts with him, and he mutters that she's crazy. He tells her she's not going to Brooke, because Hope would cut her out at Forrester and run from Wyatt. Quinn offers to be his 'girl on the side'. "I know what you like."

In the studio at Forrester, Oliver tells Ally she's beautiful. Ally wishes her mom was still in the world, and someone else wasn't. Oliver is sorry she's sad. He wishes she could share her happiness with her parents. Oliver wonders how Thorne would feel about him whisking her away in a trailer. They kiss. Ally tells Oliver she's led a sheltered life and isn't good at anything. "You'll have to teach me everything." He says, "You're good at being you."

On the Forrester jet, Thorne and Taylor talk about returning to Los Angeles as a couple. Thorne says they're adults and not hurting anyone. Taylor asks what about Ally? Thorne says she knows it was an accident that took Darla. Taylor isn't so sure. Thorne says Ally will have to understand that he's not walking away from love. They discuss being in love when they were younger and breaking up because of Ally.

Pam greets Thorne and Taylor when they arrive at Forrester. Thorne is concerned about seeing Ally. Taylor feels they shouldn't lie. Oliver listens, unseen, outside the door. After, Oliver approaches Thorne alone and warns if he's with Taylor, Ally cannot know. In the studio, Pam leaves Ally with a medieval axe she thought Oliver might use for a shoot. Once alone, Ally talks to the floating head of Darla about Oliver. Taylor comes up the corridor and enters the studio. Ally is shocked to turn and see Taylor standing there.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn pushes Hope to make a choice.

Ally goes off on Taylor.

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- Candace Young

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