B&B Recap: Dirty Tricks.

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Ridge announces his engagement, Quinn pushes Bill to comply, and Brooke confronts Ridge.

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At Katie's house, she tells Brooke that Ridge proposed to her right after she used those papers against her, so her worst day turned into her best day. Brooke suggests to Katie that Ridge proposed to get back at her for giving Spencer back to Bill. Katie smirks at Brooke thinking everything Ridge does is about her. Brooke warns Ridge could hurt her. Katie assures her she's fine - she's got the man of her dreams.

At Forrester, Ridge has called a meeting. He tells everyone about the CEO change at Spencer, courtesy of Brooke. He then announces that he's marrying Katie. He tells Eric his plans for him and Brooke to end up as co-CEOs isn't going to happen. Outside, Wyatt gifts Hope with a blingy collar for her cat. They kiss.

At Spencer Publications, Quinn reiterates her demands to Bill - he needs to give Wyatt his name and support his relationship with Hope so their sex romp stays a secret. Quinn calls Wyatt and tells him Bill is back in charge at Spencer and wants to see him right away. Bill tells her he didn't agree to anything yet. She shows him a photo of them in bed. "You will." Quinn complains about Bill coddling Liam and they bicker about who pulls more dirty tricks.

Outside at Forrester, Wyatt fills Hope in on the change at Spencer. Hope thanks him again for the gift and they kiss. In Eric's office, he and Rick question Ridge about the timing of his proposal to Katie. Ridge says it was coincidental. Rick talks about Ridge's track record - he likes that Brooke is the only woman in Bill's life. Later, Brooke finds Ridge alone and says she stopped by Katie's house. He questions how she could hurt Katie the way she did - he thinks it was to punish him for caring about her. Brooke counters that his proposal was to punish her. He says his relationship with Katie is deep, but he thinks Brooke should dump Bill. Brooke asks him not to marry Katie. "For all of our sakes." Ridge says he will marry Katie. He tells Brooke there's a part of him that will always love her, but they're not the same people anymore.

Caroline arrives at Katie's to see the ring and is surprised by the red ribbon. She enthuses that Katie looks so happy. They discuss Bill being Brooke's handful now. Katie guesses Brooke has gone to try and convince Ridge not to marry her.

Wyatt arrives at Spencer Publications and congratulates Bill with a hug. Quinn says Bill called him there for a reason. Bill tells Wyatt he feels blessed to have him for a son. Quinn blurts that Bill wants to give him his name.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam and Quinn face off.

Wyatt and Liam argue.

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