B&B Recap: Jump In With Both Feet.

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Ridge presses Katie to accept, Liam and Quinn butt heads, and Brooke gets stunning news.

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At Katie's house, Ridge implores her to say she'll marry him. He gets flustered trying to explain how he feels. Ridge ties a red ribbon around Katie's finger to remind her they are meant to be together. Tears stream down Katie's face. She asks if he's doing this to make her feel better about this really bad day. Ridge replies that this is a leap of faith - she needs to jump in with both feet. He apologizes for the timing. She urges him to repeat the question. He proposes again. She accepts. They kiss.

At Spencer Publications, Bill basks in being back in his office and rocking Will to sleep. He tells Brooke she gave him his life and he'll prove to her he was worthy of what she did. Brooke says he already has; she believes in them. Alison enters and takes Will. Brooke wonders about Katie. Bill says Katie had a long run. Brooke decides she'll go talk to her. In Liam's office, Quinn tells him not to be a sore loser when Hope goes back to Wyatt - all he's done is stall the inevitable. Liam urges her to get a life because her being so wrapped up in her son's life is creepy. He suggests she get a man - as long as it's not his dad. They bicker about Bill, Wyatt, and her meddling. Liam calls her a weirdly vital interesting woman and questions her not focusing on her own life. He admits he knows about her drunken romp with Bill, but warns he's with Brooke now and she shouldn't interfere with that. Later, Quinn finds Bill in his office and clucks about him running his empire again - thanks to Brooke. Quinn hints that Brooke might have a breaking point - like finding out he cheated on her. Bill says it wasn't cheating and he's had it with the blackmail. Quinn says she'll keep quiet as long as he gives Wyatt his name. Bill gets edgy when she keeps going on about Brooke trusting him. Quinn tells him to give Wyatt his name and support his personal goals - she's only asking one more time.

Brooke arrives at Katie's house and they argue over whether what Brooke did was personal. Katie says she'll find out what kind of a man Bill is soon enough. She announces she's decided to let go of her anger and is fine with Bill having equal custody. Katie says she's embarking on a new adventure. She hopes Brooke will be happy. "Ridge proposed to me. We're going to be married." Brooke looks appalled.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill's lucky streak runs out when he comes up against Quinn.

Wyatt gets news that could change his life.

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