B&B Recap: Weird Diseases.

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Bill returns to Spencer, Quinn confronts Liam, and Ridge pops the question.

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At Brooke's house, Bill kisses Brooke for keeping the papers Katie signed. He notes it couldn't have been easy for Brooke to do it. She says it had to be done.

Ridge arrives at Katie's office, where she tells him Bill now has equal custody and he's back in as CEO of Spencer. "This isn't my office anymore." She explains about the papers that she had signed before and Brooke kept. Katie rants. Ridge wants to leave. Brooke, Bill, and Will enter. Bill hands Will to Katie and takes his place behind his desk. He says he knows this isn't easy for Katie. She vows to fight him. He says it won't work. Brooke tells Katie she didn't want to do this. Katie says, "Shut up." Bill says it's done. He extends an offer to Katie to stay on as an executive. Katie tells Bill about Will's bedtime routine and cries. She hands him to Bill and leaves with Ridge.

Outside at Forrester, Wyatt assures Quinn he's fine with Hope spending time with Liam. He knows she'll end up with him. In Hope's office, she and Liam fawn over the cat they adopted. Pam joins them and they tell her about the shelter. Wyatt and Quinn appear. Pam takes the cat so it won't catch any weird diseases. Hope and Liam talk about the animal shelter. Liam suggests Quinn adopt a Yorkie to soften up her image. Wyatt wants his equal time with Hope. Liam leaves, followed by Quinn. Wyatt and Hope discuss the equal time thing. She notes that both he and Liam think they know the endgame. Hope admits it's a real dilemma. Wyatt says only one of them can make her happy, and has consistently. They kiss. Later, Hope holds the cat and flashes to kissing Liam.

Liam arrives at Spencer and Bill tells him Katie's reign is over - he's back as CEO thanks to Brooke. Liam hugs him. "Congratulations!" Liam goes to his office and Quinn arrives. She accuses him of trying to buy Hope with a kitten. Liam says he and Hope share the same principles - that's what he offers that Wyatt doesn't. Alison and Justin, meanwhile, join Brooke and Bill in his office. Alison calls Katie the wicked witch and Bill tells her, "None of that." Once alone, Bill thanks Brooke for giving him everything back.

At home, Katie thanks Ridge for being there for her. They embrace. Katie debates with herself about continuing to work at Spencer. Ridge says she doesn't have to decide now, and reassures her about Will. Ridge says he likes the idea of a new beginning together and asks Katie to marry him.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam is propositioned by Quinn.

Katie levels a blow at Brooke.

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