B&B Recap: Signed Papers.

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Ridge and Bill face off, Brooke fixes things, and Liam adopts a cat for Hope.

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At Spencer Publications, Katie defends being CEO to Brooke. Brooke urges her to stop punishing Bill and let him have his job back. She complains about Karen and then appeals to Katie to make things right. Katie nixes the idea - she's continuing as CEO. Brooke says if Katie won't fix it, she will. Katie insists nothing is changing. Brooke tells Katie that Will is spending tonight with her and Bill. "You signed papers, Katie." Katie reminds her she destroyed those papers. Brooke produces the papers from her purse and says they're still valid, and effective immediately. Brooke says she and Karen wouldn't listen, so she had to take matters into her own hands. "There's nothing you can do about it."

At Brooke's house, Bill tells Will they only have about five more minutes together. Soon Ridge arrives. He says Katie sent him to pick up Will. Bill grumbles about Katie being too busy to come herself. He says Will isn't going anywhere with Ridge. Ridge says he and Katie need to work this stuff out, but for now Will's coming with him. Bill grunts that he's sick of this. Ridge muses that at least he's got Brooke. Bill says he does, but he wants it all. Katie stealing his company and keeping his son from him is wrong. They are bickering about whether Ridge will take Will when Brooke returns. "You're not taking Will anywhere." Ridge demands they hand him over. Bill asks Brooke what's going on. Ridge's phone rings - it's Katie. He listens and then leaves. Brooke gives Bill the papers. He looks at Will and then kisses Brooke. They hug.

At Forrester, Wyatt tries to convince Quinn he's not upset about Hope spending time with Liam since he knows he'll end up with her. After, Quinn calls Pam to find out where she can find Hope. She learns Hope's off gallivanting with Liam. A disgruntled Wyatt admits that equal time sucks.

Hope and Liam meet L.A. councilman Bernard Parks at the animal shelter. Liam asks him some questions for his article. Next they meet with Brandon McMillan again, who introduces them to the general manager of the facility. They watch Brandon work with a dog and talk more. Hope cuddles a cat and Liam tells her he's been adopted. "He's ours." Hope thanks him and they embrace and kiss.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope and Liam show off their new kitten.

A marriage proposal is made and accepted.

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